Dextro Energy Dextrose Tablets Provide Immediate Energy During Performance

Dextro Energy Dextrose Tablets provide immediate energy if the body needs an extra boost to maintain performance during training or competitions.

  • Immediately increases performance ability
  • The dextrose, in handy dose form, provides immediate energy in performance peaks


How the DEXTRO ENERGY Dextrose Tablets work

Increase performance ability: dextrose is a monosaccharide which does not need to be digested. It enters the blood stream immediately and provides the muscles and brain cells with immediate energy. Dextrose is, therefore an easily and quickly available source of energy.

Additional vitamins: the Dextrose Tablets also include three vitamins: vitamins B1, B6 and C and the mineral magnesium. This supports energy metabolism in the body and muscle function.

Dextrose is well tolerated and is easy to digest. Athletes can easily divide the individual tablets according to their performance situation and also have the optimum dose.

Sports formula – pleasant and light fruity taste


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