Australian Paul Matthews and Chrissie Wellington win Ironman 70.3 Kansas – report and results

Paul Matthews TriathleteAustralia’s Paul ‘Barny’ Matthews won Ironman 70.3 in Kansas. He did it in style finishing 6 minutes ahead of 2nd placed David Khan from the USA with Australia’s Luke Bell a further 30 seconds back in 3rd place.

Luke Bell TriathleteA standout of Matthews race was his run of 1:12. He smoked the rest of the field with only 10th placed Torsten Abel getting close at 1:14. It looks like Paul Matthews and Luke Bell came in to T2 together but that was the last they saw of each other as Matthews charged off.

Josh Rix finished in 11th place after a tough day at the office. He was in 5th place of the bike but hit 7kms on the run and faded. Arriving on Josh Rix TriathleteWednesday in USA took its toll on him more than most. Aussie Chris Kemp struggled on the run today. Kemp had a solid 4th at the recent Port Macquarie 70.3 finishing only 6 minutes behind Joe Gambles. Kemp won the Gold Coast half ironman in 2010 in atrocious conditions against a solid field.

In the woman’s race the queen of long distance triathlon, Chrissie Wellington won but she didn’t have it all her own way. GBR’s Leanda Cave was a minute faster out of the water and then put another two minutes in to Wellington on the bike. This was a good lead but when you are racing a woman who can out run most of the guys you need a big lead. Bigger than three minutes! Wellington  ran a 1:16 for the 4th fastest run of the day to overtake Cave and take the race.

Whitney Garcia took out the final podium place just ahead of Australia’s Madeleine Oldfield who is in Madeleine Oldfield Triathletethe USA for the first time racing as pro. Oldfield showed coach and fellow competitor Josh Rix how to do it today. Oldfield was stoked with her race and her goal of a top 6 finish was well and truly achieved. She set a PB in the run leg of 1:27:40. Odlfield’s next race will be at Buffalo Springs, Texas in two weeks.

Madeliene Oldfield finished 2nd at the Port Macquarie 70.3 behind New Zealand’s Joanna Lawn in May and backed up a week later to for a solid 6th on the other side of the country in the Busselton 70.3.

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1 Matthews, Paul 28/MPRO 0:24:39 2:10:41 1:12:45 3:49:44
2 Kahn, David 28/MPRO 0:24:42 2:12:11 1:17:08 3:55:46
3 Bell, Luke 32/MPRO 0:24:46 2:10:30 1:19:00 3:56:13
4 Guillaume, Romain 26/MPRO 0:24:57 2:13:37 1:18:44 3:59:17
5 McDaniel, Joe 29/MPRO 0:25:32 2:16:21 1:16:40 4:00:53
6 Castillo, Andres 33/MPRO 0:24:41 2:17:14 1:19:20 4:03:22
7 Poulson, Brent 29/MPRO 0:24:55 2:20:01 1:16:58 4:04:18
8 Umphenour, Joe 42/MPRO 0:24:44 2:21:14 1:17:12 4:05:18
9 White, Tony 26/MPRO 0:27:05 2:19:43 1:16:58 4:05:56
10 Abel, Torsten 32/MPRO 0:25:32 2:23:40 1:14:53 4:06:33
11 Rix, Joshua 33/MPRO 0:25:31 2:14:48 1:24:20 4:06:39
40 Kemp, Christian 31/MPRO 0:24:46 2:26:19 1:34:01 4:27:13
1 Wellington, Chrissie 34/WPRO 0:27:41 2:24:09 1:16:41 4:11:08
2 Cave, Leanda 33/WPRO 0:26:49 2:22:02 1:23:53 4:15:13
3 Garcia, Whitney 31/WPRO 0:31:36 2:25:43 1:26:45 4:27:17
4 Oldfield, Madeleine 24/WPRO 0:30:18 2:29:17 1:27:40 4:29:18
5 Arendt, Jackie 27/WPRO 0:30:06 2:32:43 1:27:06 4:32:39
6 Paterson, Lesley 31/WPRO 0:32:57 2:28:47 1:28:39 4:33:05
7 Ritchie, Tami 28/WPRO 0:27:20 2:35:58 1:28:40 4:34:27
8 Capone, Lauren 23/W18-24 0:30:52 2:40:12 1:24:00 4:38:26
9 Piampiano, Sarah 31/W30-34 0:36:01 2:31:46 1:31:24 4:42:42
10 Smith, Lesley 28/WPRO 0:34:55 2:40:22 1:24:44 4:42:59



Karl Hayes

Head of Rest and Recovery

Karl is a keen age group triathlete who races more than he trains. Good life balance! Karl works in the media industry in Australia and is passionate about the sport of triathlon.