Canberra Cycle Power Training Camp – January 2013

This four day power training camp is especially designed to set cyclists and triathletes up for a fantastic 2013 season. Riding over some of the most challenging terrain surrounding Canberra in a fully supported environment, with Cycling Australia and Triathlon Australia qualified professional coaches providing guidance along the way and a support vehicle and bike mechanic on hand out on the road.

Become a better cyclist with Turbo Studio

The Camp provides a guidance system to know where to head once you take off back home. Undergoing Maximal Aerobic Power performance testing to assess your current fitness you then have one-on-one time with one of Turbo Studio’s specialist Power Coaches who will take you through and explain your test results so that you understand your own power output.  There is ample opportunity to ask questions in private about your own riding and training and to discuss your goals.

The camp provides you with a post camp pack which includes a copy of your test results along with a suitable training plan to guide you over the next six weeks.

BT Cycle Solutions Cycle Fitting expert Tom Petty is on site to make an assessment of your bike position and give you some feedback afterwards.  His revision of your bike fit is included in your ‘post camp pack’.

The camp’s resident Bike Mechanic provides a mini bike-workshop each afternoon showing you how to correctly maintain your bike and equipment in between services.

All meals are catered for and daily massages are provided.  Afternoon stretch classes are also an option.

Seminars are conducted each evening covering a variety of topics including:

  • Using Power or Heart Rate as your measuring tool
  • Sports Psychology
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Periodising your training
  • Training and Racing tips for cyclists and triathletes

The seminars are suitable for everyone, whether or not you use power measurement.  The fundamental principles of training with power are explained, including how it is measured, why it’s important (even if you don’t use a power meter), how we use it to benefit training and racing and ways you can incorporate such methods in your training.

The camp provides insight into methods of training you may not yet have considered with power as a focus.  It is suitable for anyone that rides a bike, whether it be cycling or triathlon.  Both racers and non-racers will benefit from the information provided though for non-racers there is a preferred minimum training level required as the ride groups are separated according to performance test results from day one.

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Karl Hayes

Head of Rest and Recovery

Karl is a keen age group triathlete who races more than he trains. Good life balance! Karl works in the media industry in Australia and is passionate about the sport of triathlon.