Oxyblast Beetroot based concentrated juice enhances athletes endurance

At Trizone we have been interested in Beetroot Juice for about four years. In fact it was one of the first articles we loaded when we launched in 2009. The article looked in to the benefits of Beetroot Juice and some studies supporting the performance enhancement gained from taking Beetroot Juice. Click to read. This product from Natures Goodness is called Oxyblast. It is a concentrated juice with added ingredients to further enhance its properties. We used to think that simply having Beetroot Juice was enough but after using this product for a couple of weeks the difference is obvious. Apart from the same red pee you generate when drinking Beetroot Juice the product goes beyond the normal benefits you get from it.

Whilst our review of the product is not science based (there is plenty of science out there on it) we have definitely noticed that there are performance benefits from taking the juice. You take only 30-40mls per day with water. It is incredibly concentrated so the resultant drink has a good consistency.

When we were up at Ironman Cairns in June we were having a catch up with some of the WA crew and Dr Rachael Smith in particular was raving about a similar beetroot based product. After being the fastest female overall at Busso 70.3 as an age grouper it is hard to argue against anything she is doing in the lead up to a major race.

Anyway, here is a press release from the makers of Oxyblast. We’ll leave the rest up to you.


Press Release

Natures Goodness Australia and Orielton Laboratories in Smeaton Grange N.S.W have created an exciting new product for the sporting community to make them UNBEETABLE!

Oxyblast, a beetroot based concentrated juice with natural ingredients to enhance athletes Endurance, Energy, Performance, Strength, and Muscle recovery has just been released.

“This exciting new product will give triathletes the extra boost they are all chasing”, says George Kowalski, CEO of Natures Goodness.

OxyBlast-Beetroot-JuiceBeetroot juice has been widely used by NRL, AFL, elite sporting communities, as well as the Olympic Teams across the world to give them extra nitrates which act as a vasodilator and create a type of “fuel efficiency” that could potentially improve exercise performance.

One of our 68 year old customers that has been using this product is about to race in his 40th consecutive City2surf marathon. “This product helps me achieve my best performance”, says Dennis Bedford of Razorback.

“The extra ingredients added to this juice are what makes it stand out from all others”, says Mr Kowalski.

This a very concentrated formulation of beetroot juice, the most concentrated on the market actually, so the athlete only needs to take 30mL per day. “The product tastes great,” says Aaron Woods of the West Tigers, who Natures Goodness proudly sponsors. If you want you can add the 30mL to your favourite Juice.

And most important of all, the ingredients are approved products of the Anti-doping and Australian Sport Authorities.

Certain herbal extracts are used in the formulation to increase the overall effectiveness of the Nitric Oxide and make the product Beet the Rest!

Hawthorn, citrulline, rhodiola and argenine have been carefully chosen to improve heart work during exercise, inhibit the degradation of the nitrates, thus extending the action, promote fast recovery during and post workout, lower blood pressure, increase upper body strength, resistance to fatigue, improve blood flow, increase memory, plus many more incredible actions including antioxidants to fight oxidative stresses to the body.

Nitrate can be converted to nitrite. Mr Kowalski says “this conversion doesn’t occur in your blood, but actually takes place in your mouth , the bacteria that live in your mouth are capable of this conversion”.

When you ingest nitrate initially, most of it is absorbed into the blood, but then secreted back into your mouth through the saliva glands. The bacteria then convert this to tiny amounts of nitrite, which is then re-absorbed into the blood, increasing the blood nitrite significantly, but safely.

Oxyblast was produced with the Athletes best interest in mind to clean up the sporting community from banned Peptide and Steroidal use. This product could revolutionize the use of Super foods to produce the extra qualities athletes are working to achieve.

Natures Goodness uses Australian Grown beetroots to produce their Oxyblast Supplement which is very important to the Australian community.

“Australia needs something to replace the use of banned substances and make our athletes better, stronger, and more efficient when competing in sport, says George.

This new beetroot product is available now at health food stores, chemists, sporting institutes and also from the manufacturer via their website, www.naturesgoodness.com.au

More detailed information can also be found at www.oxyblast.com.au, with ingredient information and study results from the products.

The price for this new supplement is only $35.00 for a 500mL bottle.

No other product compares to this enhanced supplement on the market!

Orielton laboratories, a division of Natures Goodness is an accredited GMP facility and has been making Health and Beauty products for over 30 years.



Karl Hayes

Head of Rest and Recovery

Karl is a keen age group triathlete who races more than he trains. Good life balance! Karl works in the media industry in Australia and is passionate about the sport of triathlon.