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It was pure coincidence that I rang Phil Stoneman on Monday to talk about a young up and coming triathlete and whether he would be interested in talking to them about developing their business needs over the next year while they get some runs on the board. Phil mentioned that he was about to send out a media release on that very topic when he received my phone call.

I have known Phil for a few years now initially through both of our involvement on the Triathlon Australia Communications Committee and have always been impressed with his business and knowledge of sports management and sponsorship market.

The subject of athlete management and more importantly the way they conduct themselves as elite athletes is something that comes up a lot when stakeholders chat. There are many athletes that are at the elite level but not many that manage their businesses well. And to be fair their talents generally lie elsewhere. In our sport there are the obvious notable standouts. When you drop down to the second tier athletes who haven’t got the big victories yet often the guys and girls who get the sponsorships, usually in the way of products, are more business like. They may not have had any big wins on the race course but they talk to the media, offer to do product reviews etc, work for their sponsors in various ways and are always being proactive. Unfortunately they are the minority.

With this in mind the new services being offered by Phil Stoneman and the M5 Management team will potentially benefit many young aspiring athletes.

I have known that M5 have always had a charter to help emerging athletes in taking their first steps into the professional sports. They understand how difficult it can be for parents, coaches and athletes when trying to understand the complexities of business and sport. Just the notion of reading a sponsorship contract or understanding the impact of Social Media can me very confronting when first introduced to this new world.

Read about M5 Management and their pathway program below…

New Global Sports Management Initiative – M5 Management releases innovative on-line Athlete Management System “The M5 Pathway Ed Program”

Brisbane-based firm M5 Management has developed an on-line Athlete Management Program for athletes aged 14-21 that educates and supports aspiring talent across all sports. Due to launch on July 1, the program fills a critical need in the talent management industry globally and in Australia. Unlike the current situation where only exceptional athletes are identified, signed and receive elite coaching and management expertise, the M5 program is accessible to any emerging athlete and importantly their parents and coaches.

M5 Background

M5 is led by one of Australia’s most experienced commercial sport specialists Philip Stoneman. With over 20 years’ international experience in media and commercial sport, Philip has a vast knowledge base in mentoring and supporting both elite and emerging athletes. The experienced M5 team has a deep understanding of the needs of athletes at all levels; their skill set includes talent management, sports marketing, sponsorship negotiation, exercise physiology, nutrition, sport psychology, logistics and direct experience as parents of elite athletes.

Meeting the needs of junior athletes

M5 work with some of Australia’s elite athletes who have successfully made the transition to professional sportspeople. The Athlete Management Program has evolved from recognising the need for further education and self-awareness within the early stages of an athlete’s journey to professional life as a sportsperson. A major emphasis of the program is how athletes behave and conduct themselves in a 24/7 environment, including use of social media.

“There are many stars in sport, but those that make it to superstar status are not always the ones that get the best results in the sporting arena. They are the athletes that have a genuine affinity and respect for the Australian audience and show the characteristics and attributes that the general public can relate to positively” said Stoneman.

To date this service has been inadequately filled by other athlete management firms and sporting federations who often have limited resources.

Stoneman has seen countless instances where the Program could assist young athletes, including when Libby Callister, parent of one of Australia’s elite young surfers Lucy Callister approached M5 regarding representation in late 2014.

“We contacted M5 as we knew of their reputation in working with young and transitioning athletes. Lucy’s career was starting to kick off and we were suddenly pushed out of our comfort zone when we had to deal with contracts, event promoters, preparing sponsorship documents and the general business side of Lucy’s sport. When Phil advised us about the M5 Management plan to offer an online education program for elite athletes, we agreed that this resource fills a vital need. I highly recommend that parents educate themselves as much as possible so they have the right knowledge to make the best long term decisions for their child’s sporting career.” Callister said.

The program priced at $350 per annum is a low cost stepping stone to the M5 High Performance Program* where athletes receive more customized outcomes for potential sponsors, media and post-sport considerations.

Program Details

M5 has identified four key early intervention tasks of emerging athletes in the education of their behaviour, attitude and performance which are covered in the program.

  1. How an aspiring/emerging sportsperson should conduct themselves.
  2. The business of sport – understanding sport pathways and how to secure funding.
  3. The fundamentals of sponsorship and business relationships.
  4. How to help cope with stress and hard decisions that come with a professional sporting career.

Subscribers to the Athlete Management Tool receive:

  • Personal brand building development including personal conduct
  • Personal web page with secure login
  • Development of personal brand profile
  • Social media strategy (including guidelines)
  • Basic biography development
  • Goal setting – Access to performance database and profile
  • Monthly newsletter covering variety of commercial sport topics
  • Webinar workshops
  • Potential to be selected into the M5 High Performance Program

Call to action

Athletes can subscribe to the program via the M5 management website – m5management.com.au.

Media Contact

For further information contact:

Phil Stoneman

0414 643 912

[email protected]


* M5 also offers a High Performance Program – a second tier service targeted at sportspeople who are breaking through into the professional levels of their sport and are looking to secure commercial funding.


About M5

Founded in 2009, M5 Management is one of Australia’s leading commercial sports agencies offering expertise in sponsorship consulting for sporting federations and event rights holders, access to athletes and speakers for corporate marketing activity and career development and support for athletes. With over 20 years’ experience, including 10 years at global sports firm IMG, M5 offers industry knowledge, domestic and international networks and client commitment that is unique to the Australian market.

M5 is proud to represent some of Australia’s leading athletes such as Ironman and Olympic Swimmer Ky Hurst, Erin Densham and Melissa Hauschildt (Triathlon), Emily Seebohm (Swimming), Michael Shelley (Marathon)and Michael Rogers (Cycling).

Karl Hayes

Karl is a keen age group triathlete who races more than he trains. Good life balance! Karl works in the media industry in Australia and is passionate about the sport of triathlon.