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This the wonderful Pave bike store I visited in Barcelona many years ago with the incredible Javier Maya. (Photo: Christoph & Klaus)

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What bike shops are open in Australia during COVID-19?

After reading about how two Portland-based companies, Portland Design Works and Chris King, pulled together to provide some localised information (for the USA of course), I have set about creating something similar for Australia.

With this nationwide update of bike shop operating procedures I hope to help more folks find their local bike shops and continue to support them however we can.  If you’re the proprietor of a local bike shop, help us support you by completing this form and joining the listing. Because this is an evolving situation you will be able to update your listing as needed, via a link which you will receive after completing the form.

This idea is the below interactive map pools together information on the current operating procedures of bike shops across Australia. To be included on this map, please complete this form. We will continue to update the map through the end of the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you have multiple locations please complete this CSV file and email it to

View Australia-Wide Local Bike Shop in Operation in a full screen map



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