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Review: H2O Audio AMPHIBX Waterproof Case

The AMPHIBX waterproof case is for those brave souls that are keen to swim with your $1,000 phone or for those that must simply get in a quick round of Candy Crush during your swim cycle. The first thing that you will notice with this case is its size. Its huge at 6.5 Inches high and 3 Inches wide. Despite its size, its very comfortable on surprisingly doesn’t impede your stroke. The phone is inserted in the top and audio connected via an internal 3.5m jack sorry iPhone X users) and your external wired earphones are connected via a waterproof external jack. The case is secured via a strong waterproof clip which is both sturdy and near impossible to open accidentally. I was brave enough to try out my new Samsung Note 9 in the case and I have to say it performed admirably. The phone was dry when I finished and there was no leakage even through the jack. I also found the case to be beneficial when streaming audio via the Stream MP3 player, just to add that next level of protection to the phone. You simply put the phone secured at the end of the pool and your away. While the case performed as designed, personally I am a lot more comfortable using a purpose built player such as the outstanding H2O Stream, given the case costs $85 I would certainly recommend stretching to the Stream over the case.

Keeps stuff dry
Great when paired with the H2O Audio MP3 Player
Very bulky when swimming depending on the phone
Your coach will hate you


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