John Marsh

Triathlon and running technique coach, Australian Long Course Triathlon AG Champion 2010, World Ironman Championship competitor 2009

Saucony PowerGrid Cortana Introduced to Saucony’s Growing Line of Minimalist-Inspired Shoes

With the recent trend amongst the running shoe manufacturers to introduce a “minimalist” shoe, there are now plenty of options for the light-footed runner who is after a little less on their foot. Here we take a look at a new option from Saucony. This is the brand who has recently brought us a myriad of “reduced drop,” lightweight shoes including the Progrid Kinvara, the Progrid Mirage and the new super minimal Hattori.

Under-prepared for a Triathlon? Make Your Dream Day Come True!

Let’s face it, with our big race looming around the corner, many of us have been caught a little off guard! Like any other deadline, race day has been “ages” away for a long time now. So long in fact, that we are now left high and dry, wondering how we are actually going to pull together everything and get through the whole ordeal!

Race Week – Freshen up with the Pros

The week before a key race such as an ironman can be testing. With all of the hard work done, often we’re at a bit of a loss as to what to do. We know we are no longer in “training..” we know we should somehow start to feel “fresh,” but at the same time our hormones and sleep patterns can get pretty out of whack! Throw in a time zone difference, some last minute work deadlines and interstate travel and it’s easy to lose track of the main goal for the week – getting ready to race!

2010 Ironman WA Press Conference

With two days to go before the big showdown here at Bussleton, there is a buzz of activity across the little town. For both professional athletes and age-groupers, this marks an interesting time: with all of the hard work done, it’s now a matter of crossing the i’s and dotting the t’s before the big show on Sunday. This morning Trizone got along to the press conference, getting a feel for what is going through the minds of a few of the race favourites, as well as a couple of inspiring age-groupers.

How long do your running shoes last

We’ve all been told about the benefits of having a quality pair of shoes when we are out running, training at the gym, or exercising. But how do we know how long these things are supposed to last?? With the answer dependent on a number of factors including a runner’s weight, running style and type of use, there is no clear cut answer. The following guidelines though can help as reasonably accurate ways to gauge how many more runs might be left in your beloved trainers!

Progression Run – Learn to Finish Strong

As many of us approach our key race date or event, we are already doing some reasonably long and hard k’s to prepare for the big day. Here is a quick introduction to a type of workout that I personally love to have in the week (either regularly, or just on occasion) that has both mental and physical benefits.

New Swiss Engineered On Running Shoes Using CloudTec Technology

True to its unconventional name, the shoe itself is anything but the “norm.” John Marsh was instantly drawn towards the cool contrasting colours of the bright green sole and black upper, as well as the spring-like lugs that are positioned around the sole. This shoe is different and he couldn’t wait to give it a run.

Just Because the Sun Doesn’t Shine Bright Doesn’t Mean Your Training Can’t

As we face less daylight, combined with very anti-social temperatures some mornings, it can be easy to lose sight of keeping our fitness in check through winter. Although it is important to have “easy” periods with our sport, and ensure we take physical and mental breaks when needed, it’s also key to make sure our technique, fitness and strength don’t go into hibernation for too long, or we can lose a good head-start going into the next season!