Kona: Bikes of the Pro’s (day 1)

Daily preview of the 2016 Kona bikes, presented by Ceramic Speed. Today’s bike check-in has Aasa Lundstroem, Patrick Lange and Tim Reed.   📷 Jesper Grønnemark

How to prepare your bike for race day

Nothing spoils race day like serious mechanical issues. It’s race season. Hopefully by now you’ve managed to moult off the worst of your thick winter coat to reveal the ripped and…

How to Fix a Broken Chain

Did your chain snap mid-way through a race? It’s rare but it does happen. Those who really like to be prepared will, of course, have the upgraded multi-tool that comes…

3 Common Triathlon Bike Setup Mistakes

Commonly, a reason for cramping in certain muscles is directly associated with an incorrect position or setup on the bike. There are many reasons athletes cramp on the run during…