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Cycling by STëLF

As always we are happy to promote good stuff.

STëLF cycling clothing was born in Wollongong on New South Wales South Coast and it look s

New SKINS Triathlon Compression Suit

The SKINS TRI400 triathlon suit range is designed and cut for ultimate comfort while swimming, cycling and running. SKINS Dynamic Gradient Compression fabric helps accelerate your blood flow to get more oxygen to your active muscles. Increased circulation also helps reduce lactic acid build-up – so you can compete hard in each stage and have less pain when it’s all over.

New Triathlon and Cycling Gear by Conquest Bike Wear

The Conquest trisuit is a professional-level kit constructed of hard wearing Lycra Power for better compression and shape recovery. The fabric is chlorine and salt water resistant and sun protection rated at UV50+. The all important padding has also been upgraded and is now made of hydrophobic fabric which repels water quickly to keep you dryer.

Trix-Gear Triathlon Lifestyle T-Shirts

What do you get when you cross a triathlon obsessed husband with a graphic designer wife? Marriage met
on middle ground and some pretty inspired tri lifestyle t-shirts. Frustrated by lack of fashion friendly tri inspired
t-shirts during their seven plus years participating and spectating the team takes on the need and launches their
online store September ‘09.