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Cycling Performance: What is possible? 6.6 W/kg for 38 min on Alp d’Huez?

Is power output above above 6.2 W/kg indicative of doping? Bjarne Riis is estimated to have produced 6.8W/kg (480W) on Hautacam when he won the Tour in 1996. Armstrong’s estimated power output on Alp d’Huez was 6.6 W/kg (465W). Most trained cyclists would be able to produce a power output of 4 W/kg for 40 minutes. And we know that a decent cyclist will produce a VO2max of around 60 ml/kg/min. Ross Tucker looks at whether it is possible to ride with oxygen use at 81.96 ml/kg/min for almost 40 minutes.

Bike Set Up – A How to Guide

In this article professional Triathlon coach Grant Giles Director of Aeromax coaching looks at the importance of getting your bike set up correct, and provides practical advice on how to achieve this.