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The Ultimate Triathlon Cycling Camp – Noosa 2013

Join Henk Vogels, Patrick Jonker and Ben Johnson as they ride with you through sunny Noosa and it’s beautiful surrounds.

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New Wahoo Kickr reviewed in Australia

Top age grouper and triathlon geek Matt ‘the Pumper’ Palmer finally makes his debut for Trizone (after hounding us for more than two years) with

Faster Bike Splits for 20km to 40km Triathlons or Time Trials

As we all know riding a triathlon or time trial is very different to cycling racing. Kevin Hancett shares what he learnt many years ago from a New Zealand Olympic 100km time trial team cyclist named Stephen Cox. It’s not about speed he said but more about your average speed.

Bike Set Up – A How to Guide

In this article professional Triathlon coach Grant Giles Director of Aeromax coaching looks at the importance of getting your bike set up correct, and provides practical advice on how to achieve this.

Strength training and the importance of leg exercises: novices, experts and clubs cyclists

Strength training may improve cycling performance through increased leg power, a greater ability to cope with local fatigue and improved upper body stability. However, this has yet to be proved in research. In beginners and club level cyclists, more cycling is probably the best way to improve performance. Taking time out from cycling to do strength training will probably lead to a decline in cycling efficiency and skill level.
Strength training for cycling – does it really help?