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Saving your Knees from the Woodchopper

How many times have you been riding with your training partners or behind someone and notice their knees popping out at the top of the stroke? In fact we’ve all seen the woodchopper pedal stroke, a common problem, easily identified and when resolved with a systematic approach correct mechanics can be attained to increase power and reduce stress and injury.

Maximising Cycling Power Mechanics – The Three Essentials you need to do

Imagine trying to hit a ball with a flexible bat, you lose energy and have to put in more effort compared to a rigid bat for the same result. If you use a rigid bat you can transfer more energy to the ball and it travels further. Your foot is a flexible system with an inbuilt arch and foot angulation that designed to absorb and return energy specifically for efficiency and reduced injury mechanics.

Alberto Contador and The Transfusion Theory – The Science of Sport

The transfusion theory, which says that Contador used clenbuterol NOT during the Tour but many weeks/months before, and then removed blood to re-infuse later, has been gaining momentum. A few high profile experts have suggested, including Rasmus Damsgard. If this were the case, it would partly help to explain why the level is so low – because of dilution, the re-infusion of a very small blood volume/mass containing clenbuterol would produce a very low total clenbuterol intake.

Trek Bikes prepares assault on Australian Triathlon market

Trek, the largest bike manufacturer in the world, announced its latest assault on the Australian Triathlon market in Canberra with a dealers convention held in September, in what they heralded as the largest event of its type in the Southern hemisphere. The event was launched by the President of Trek Bikes John Burke, and featured legendry bike designer Gary Fisher. While there was the usual plethora of Mountain Bikes, Trek also used the opportunity to raise their profile in the Australian Triathlon market, with the assault being led by Olympian Simon Thompson.