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The Man Behind the Hair – Gi Singh Shaved and $10000 raised for Cancer

Who is this unmasked man? The triathlon community got together and shaved Ironman Gi Singh at Busselton on Monay. Gi had decided to shave his virgin beard and beautiful locks to honour Ironman triathlete Dani ‘Fezza’ Taylor, who is battling cancer. The Trishave clip4cure was attended by around 300 spectators, including some well known triathletes like Rebekah Keat.

Shaving Ironman Triathlete Gi Singh for the Childhood Cancer Association

Over the last year we have come to see Gi Singh at many triathlon events around New South Wales. I think the first time I saw him was on a Saturday morning cycling around Centennial Park in yellow budgie smugglers with no shirt on. Unbelievable! That was my reaction and that of the people I was training with.