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Gold Coast Half Ironman Cancelled

Well it is official, USM today put out a press release stating: “Despite the best efforts of our team we have been unable to secure a venue for the 2011 Gold Coast Half, forcing the cancellation of the event. Our current agreement with Calypso Bay expired in 2010 and unfortunately they decided not to renew the option to stage the event going forward for a number of reasons.

Chris Kemp on Winning the 2010 Gold Coast Half Ironman

Trizone spoke to Chris Kemp the week before the Gold Coast half ironman and identified him as one of the guys to potentially upset the field and win. Chris is now back in Sydney after winning his first goal race of the season in fine form. The race day conditions were some of the worst the pros had ever raced in. They all seemed to have similar stories of the last three or so kms of the run. The rain, cold and fatigue meant that everyone was in survival mode towards the end of the run and just wanted to get it over with. Chris was no different.

Michelle Wu Reports in on the Toughest Triathlon of her Career at the 2010 Gold Coast Half Ironman

Trizone spoke to Michelle Wu on the day after the toughest triathlon she has faced to date. The 2010 Gold Coast half ironman was raced in torrential rain and strong winds. The participants all braved conditions many will hope never to face again. When we spoke to Michelle she had been home and rested after a 24 hour day topped off by airport closures and unplanned bus trips before she finally arrived home to her bed in Canberra at 3am on Monday morning.

Michelle Wu looking for a win at the Gold Coast Half Ironman

Michelle Wu is heading to the Gold Coast Half Ironman this weekend with a winning attitude after her recent win at the Ironman 70.3 Centrair Tokoname in Japan. Wu edged out fellow Australian Rachael Paxton by two minutes to take the race. The swim proved to be the difference. Michelle will be up against Nicole Ward of Sydney as well as Kat Baker and Sarah Pollett so she will have to have a perfect race.

Pro Male Triathletes who may Upset the Party at this Weekend’s Gold Coast Half Ironman

There are some pro triathletes who are quietly heading up to the Gold Coast with plans to upset the Tim Berkel and Clayton Fettell show. Leon Griffin is back to his good form after suffering an achilies injury during the year which sidelined him for a few weeks. Another is Peter Schokman, Peter recently won Yeppoon with a half marathon time of 1:13. Then there is Christian Kemp who almost ran down Pete Jacobs at the Huskisson long course triathlon in February this year finishing only 10 seconds behind. A further 1:10 in front was the winner Craig Alexander. Michael Murphy from Cronulla is also someone to watch.