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Heart Rate Training by Mark Allen

During Mark’s 15 years of racing in the sport of triathlons he searched for those few golden tools that would allow him to maximize his training time and come up with the race results he envisioned. At the top of that list was heart rate training. It was and still is the single most potent tool an endurance athlete can use to set the intensity levels of workouts in a way that will allow for long-term athletic performance.

Garmin Forerunner 110 – GPS and Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) Watch

First impressions are that the simplicity of the watch is appreciated. The 110 lacks some of the more advanced features of the higher-end models, but is refreshingly easy to use.The latest SiRF IV GPS receiver functions well with signal lock times averaging around 30 seconds. The screen layout is simple making it very legible even while running.

Use Your Heart Rate Monitor – By Mark Allen

In our sport there are three key areas of fitness that you will be developing. These are speed, strength and endurance. Endurance is THE most important piece of a triathlete’s fitness. Why is it tough to develop?