Lisa Marangon, Rina Hill and Rachael Paxton to headline Hervey Bay Olympic Distance Triathlon

Lisa Marangon has confirmed that she will be racing in Hervey Bay where she will be going up against Rachael Paxton and 2004 Athens Olympian and Commonwealth Games silver medalist Rina Hill in the relaunched 2XU Hervey Bay Olympic distance triathlon. With over $25,000 in cash and prizes on offer it is a wonder more of our top triathletes who are not racing at Port Macquarie on the same day are not racing.

$25,000 in Prizes and Money up for grabs at the 2XU Harvey Bay Triathlon

The Hervey Bay triathlon is back on the calendar and this year the planned prize pool for the event will be over $25,000 including $11,800 in cash making this one of the best prize pools in regional Australia for an Olympic Distance triathlon. In addition the leading age groupers will also be in for some great prizes.

Hervey Bay Olympic Distance Triathlon to Return in 2011

The Hervey Bay triathlon is back and entries open on November 1, 2010. This iconic Olympic distance triathlon is the perfect opportunity to plan a great holiday in Queensland. If you missed out on a place in Ironman Australia or the half ironman then this is the perfect remedy to make up for these missed opportunities.

Hervey Bay Olympic Distance Triathlon to be Resurrected in 2011

With the growing popularity of all triathlon distances any addition to the calendar is welcome, giving athletes another chance to test themselves, and when it is the comeback of an old favourite even better! If you missed out on a spot at Ironman Australia in May 2011 and you need to cheer yourself up then how about a trip to Hervey Bay and and throw in an Olympic distance triathlon?