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One the most mysterious parts to our racing...

The Sports Drink Debate

What’s the best nutrition plan for long course racing? Answer: Drink to thirst, forget sodium, and consume multiple transportable carbs.

Paul Laursen, PhD

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Triathlon Hyrdration Facts and Advice

Triathlon hydration can be a complicated subject. This article by Kerry Sullivan covers many facts that make it easier to understand. Do you know how much your speed decreases as you dehydrate? How much water should you be drinking during a triathlon? Did you know you can drink too much water? Read all these facts and watch Kerry’s video.

Meal planning for Triathletes

One of the most common barriers athletes face in relation to good nutrition is a lack of time. Shopping, cooking dinner, making lunches and planning meals, whilst trying to maintain a hectic training schedule can be challenging and individuals can sometimes find it easier to grab a coffee and a muffin on the run rather than allow time to sit down to a proper meal.

Hydration and performance

Maintaining an adequate level of hydration is one of the most important things athletes competing in long distance events such as triathlon need to do to ensure optimal performance. This is especially true in Australia, where much training is completed during the warmer Summer months.