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Cairns Airport Challenge Cairns Men’s Race Preview

The withdrawal of ten time Ironman New Zealand winner Cameron Brown has taken one potential winner out of the running. However this has not made the race an easier one to win for anyone. The smart money is on a two horse race between Chris (Macca) McCormack and Tim Berkel. Based on recent race form Tim Berkel would have to be the favourite but without being able to see Macca race long distance recently it is impossible to gauge how he is going. He will be there to win and will have done the work to put him self in a position to do so.

Chris ‘Macca’ McCormack on his ITU Comeback

Chris ‘Macca’ McCormack is embarking on possibly one of his biggest challenges to date. Over the next year Macca has to get his swim in line with the fastest ITU guys and then be able to run 10kms in under 30 minutes off the bike. Is he driven by the dream of making the Olympics team in 2012 and being a part of something special that only those who have represented Australia at an Olympics can understand? Or does he want to prove something to Triathlon Australia? Trizone spoke to Macca to find out what is driving him.

Abu Dhabi Triathlon Men’s Preview – Triathlon’s Hottest Field outside of Kona

Abu Dhabi International Triathlon has the hottest field outside of the Hawaii Ironman World Championship (or maybe even equal to in the men’s side). This is a who’s who of the top long course athletes in the world. In its second running those who stayed away last year have obviously thought that it is not a one hit wonder and the lure of the prize purse is just too much for most. Trizone spoke to Josh Rix, Tim Berkel, Matty White, Paul Ambrose, Joe Gambles and Kiwi Graham O’Grady in the lead up to this exciting new and very rich international triathlon.

Triathlon Training with Macca and Pete Jacobs

BPM Sport recently put together a training day with Chris (Macca) McCormack and Peter Jacobs as the two guest coaches for the day. It was more than coaching as we found out with Pete and Macca talking freely about everything during the day. Read on to see what happened and why it was such an amazing day for all of us who attended.