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Bruce Thomas

Kona Reflections with Bruce Thomas

In the lead up to Kona Trizone caught up with 4 times Australian Ultra Distance Triathlon Champion, Australian Ironman Hall of Fame inductee and multiple

Heart Rate Training by Mark Allen

During Mark’s 15 years of racing in the sport of triathlons he searched for those few golden tools that would allow him to maximize his training time and come up with the race results he envisioned. At the top of that list was heart rate training. It was and still is the single most potent tool an endurance athlete can use to set the intensity levels of workouts in a way that will allow for long-term athletic performance.

Qualifying For Ironman Hawaii Triathlon by Luis Vargas

As a coach my Ironman athletes often ask me what race provides the best opportunity to get an Ironman qualifying slot. In this article I will provide some tips that I have become aware of over the years. The qualifying process is such that if you are unlucky the best athletes in your age group may also show and even with your best race you may not qualify. But the next qualifier may be different and your chances to get a qualifying slot may be much better.