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Sports Physio for the NSWIS and VIS Triathlon Teams in Vitoria, Spain

Regular Trizone contributor Alex Price is in Vitoria, Spain with the NSWIS and VIS teams as their physiotherapist. At the end of his contract in Spain Alex moves to Aix Les Bains to take up a role as the Australian Team physiotherapist, in their lead up to the world champs in Beijing. In addition to being a qualified physiotherapist Alex is also a very handy open grade triathlete when he isn’t injured as he had been for the first few months of this year. Here we catch up with Alex and get an insight in to what the training camp is like.

Australia’s Young Up and Coming Triathletes in Europe – Training and Racing

Many of our young up and coming elite triathletes are now in Europe at various training camps being run by the state institues of sport. NSWIS and VIS are in Vitoria, Spain. They have either arrived or are arriving now after doing a few initial races in Europe. Some have been racing for French triathlon clubs and have been doing some Continental Cup races and other races they can find. They are tearing up the local races while training and getting some great experience.