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Ironman Port Macquarie Press Conference: A Tale of Regrets

It was a tale of those who wanted to do Ironman Australia but were unable to for various reasons. Two time World Champion Craig Alexander explained that he was missing a race for the first time in ten years, last time it was due to chicken pox and this time it is due to a virus. Tim Berkel is also missing the race for the first time at Port, and appeared none to happy at the prospect.

Urban Hotel Group Ironman Australia 2011: The Preview

Excitement is building as a stacked mens field gets ready for action in Port Macquarie. Can Patrick go 5 in a row, will Crowie take his first Australian title, has Jacobs got enough miles under his belt to reproduce his Kona form, will the 12 meter rule help Ogden get away on the bike, or will the Scot, Scott go one better than last year? It promises to be an interesting day.

Race Week – Freshen up with the Pros

The week before a key race such as an ironman can be testing. With all of the hard work done, often we’re at a bit of a loss as to what to do. We know we are no longer in “training..” we know we should somehow start to feel “fresh,” but at the same time our hormones and sleep patterns can get pretty out of whack! Throw in a time zone difference, some last minute work deadlines and interstate travel and it’s easy to lose track of the main goal for the week – getting ready to race!

2010 Ironman WA Press Conference

With two days to go before the big showdown here at Bussleton, there is a buzz of activity across the little town. For both professional athletes and age-groupers, this marks an interesting time: with all of the hard work done, it’s now a matter of crossing the i’s and dotting the t’s before the big show on Sunday. This morning Trizone got along to the press conference, getting a feel for what is going through the minds of a few of the race favourites, as well as a couple of inspiring age-groupers.

The Five Big Questions of SunSmart Ironman Western Australia

There are many things to look forward to at the new-look SunSmart Ironman Western Australia, not least seeing each and every competitor achieve their individual Ironman goals. But as always there are certain members of the field with their eyes on different targets…

Vernay, Marceau, Ambrose & Neyedli First off the Bike at Ironman Australia Triathlon 2010

Patrick Vernay, Olivier Marceau, Paul Ambrose and Scott Neyedli were first of the bikes at Ironman Australia in a time of 4:42. Adrian Cominotto, who was first out of the water, was half a minute behind the leading group. Vernay is looking like being the triathlete to beat again this year after putting just over 7 minutes on Tim Berkel, Paul Barclay, Matt White, Joshua Rix, Adam Holborow and Jemani Francis.