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Pete Jacobs in Solid Comeback at Challenge Roth Triathlon

Australian Pete Jacobs showed that he is still a force to be contended with, finishing a very credible fourth in 8:08:56 at Challenge Roth, his first come back race since breaking his collarbone in March of this year. Jacobs, last year’s second-place finisher, said he was satisfied with his finish, given that he’d had a short window to prepare. “I’m really happy,” he said. “I went comfortable on the run. I just pretended I was out doing my Monday long run, and I felt good until 32km. It was just in the last 7km that I started to hurt, but I was really happy. I enjoyed it; it was a good day. That was all I wanted; I just wanted a good day.”

Rebekah Keat Second to World Record Time of Chrissie Wellington at Challenge Roth Triathlon

Rebekah Keat was unable to improve on her second placing at Challenge Roth, despite puting in an amazing time of 8:52:10. Keat was unfortunate enough to come up against a once in a generation athlete on top of their form in Wellington. In retaining her title British Chrissie Wellington claimed a world record for women over the Ironman distance. Her time of 8:19:13 was good enough to beat all bar six of the elite male athletes, and smashed her own world best time of 8:31:59, set over the same course last year.

Australian Triathletes ready to take on Challenge of Roth

Australia has a strong presence at this weekends Challenge Roth the world’s largest long-course triathlon with 3,100 starters and 607 relay teams. Previous winner Belinda Granger will be lining up against rival and friend Rebekah Keat. In the mens race Pete Jacobs will be hoping for a return to form after his recent shoulder surgery, and Justin Granger will no doubt put in his usual solid performance. In total there are 37 Australians starting the race.