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Nutrition tips to maximise your race day performance

While it is vital that the diet of a triathlete is balanced nutritionally on a day to day basis, there is no doubt that there are certain things triathletes can do immediately pre race to optimize performance.

Injured? Then Fix Your Muscle Tissue Health!

I want to discuss muscle tissue health, because healthy tissue not only allows the body to perform but it keeps the body’s biomechanics optimal and pain free.

Our ability to move is created from skeletal muscle and the average male is made up of 42% while the average female is made up of 36% of this type of muscle tissue.

Bike Set Up – A How to Guide

In this article professional Triathlon coach Grant Giles Director of Aeromax coaching looks at the importance of getting your bike set up correct, and provides practical advice on how to achieve this.

Beetroot Juice Boosts Endurance in Athletes

A glass of beetroot juice boosts endurance by reducing the amount of oxygen needed during physical exercise, a study says. Subjects who drank the juice easily outperformed a control group in tests and were able to exercise at the same intensity for up to 16 per cent longer.