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Running Strength Training

When you look at the build of some of the worlds great endurance runners the benefits of building "strength" and muscle mass for the run leg of the Triathlon may not appear immediately obvious. In this article Bruce Thomas, level 3 Triathlon coach argues that specific resistance training for the run leg will reap it's rewards on race day.
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Strength training and the importance of leg exercises: novices, experts and clubs cyclists

Strength training may improve cycling performance through increased leg power, a greater ability to cope with local fatigue and improved upper body stability. However, this has yet to be proved in research. In beginners and club level cyclists, more cycling is probably the best way to improve performance. Taking time out from cycling to do strength training will probably lead to a decline in cycling efficiency and skill level. Strength training for cycling – does it really help?
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Swimming Strength Training

How do you get "stronger" in the swim leg? Fundamentally the answer lies in overloading your muscles in training. So does this mean hours spent in a sweaty gym, pumping iron until your eyes bulge? In this article Bruce Thomas, level 3 Triathlon coach explores ways to build your strength during the first leg.
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