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The Next Revolution in Swim Training

For many years the analysis of performance in swimming has been tedious and manual. Cycling training has been transformed by power meters and power training, Running has been greatly impacted by GPS to provide pacing information. Accelerometers popular in consumer devices such as iPhone and Wii games are now being used to analyse swim strokes and provide performance metrics. Commercial versions of this technology are now about to hit the stores.

Winter Triathlon Training – Just Because the Sun Doesn’t Shine Bright Doesn’t Mean Your Training Can’t!

As we face less daylight, combined with very anti-social temperatures some mornings, it can be easy to lose sight of keeping our fitness in check through winter. Although it is important to have “easy” periods with our sport, and ensure we take physical and mental breaks when needed, it’s also key to make sure our technique, fitness and strength don’t go into hibernation for too long, or we can lose a good head-start going into the next season!

Swimming Strength Training

How do you get “stronger” in the swim leg? Fundamentally the answer lies in overloading your muscles in training. So does this mean hours spent in a sweaty gym, pumping iron until your eyes bulge? In this article Bruce Thomas, level 3 Triathlon coach explores ways to build your strength during the first leg.