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The Next Revolution in Swim Training

For many years the analysis of performance in swimming has been tedious and manual. Cycling training has been transformed by power meters and power training, Running has been greatly impacted by GPS to provide pacing information. Accelerometers popular in consumer devices such as iPhone and Wii games are now being used to analyse swim strokes and provide performance metrics. Commercial versions of this technology are now about to hit the stores.

Trisuit – Liftfoil Speed Trisuit by De Soto

De Soto are claiming a time saving of 2:40min over a 4km swim using their USAT approved and WTC legal Liftfoil Speed Trisuit. The pad is a thin version of their 400-Mile Pad used in their bike shorts. This speedsuit is designed to be worn for the entire race.

Swimming Related Sports Injuries

Swimmer’s shoulder is more properly known as painful arc/ rotator cuff tendinitis, or shoulder impingement. In the recent issue of PP on sports injuries ( issue 109), Simon Kemp described in some detail the muscles that make up the rotator cuff.