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Zipp firecrest 001

Zipp’s Firecrest Reborn

Zipp’s wheel lineup that changed everything changes again

Zipp’s Firecrest® wheel lineup and its specialty 202 Tubular climbing wheelset revolutionized what’s possible with high performance carbon

trizone congrats

Elite Race Rentals competition winners

We recently promoted a competition in conjunction with the team from Elite Race Rentals for three race day wheel hires.

Three people won an awesome set

Profile Design Gain UCI Certification for Carbon Wheel Range

2011 saw triathlon aerodymic accessory company Profile Design release it’s range of Carbon race wheels onto the international market. With triathletes quick to pick up on the race benefits of the real world tested designs that were first developed utilising Computational Fluid Dynamic technology the focus has now turned to allow road racers to enjoy the benefits too.

Erox Ultra Window Disc Tubular Wheel Set

The Window disc has been developed to give you all the aerodynamic benefits of a full disc wheel but with the ability to win time in all conditions whether cross wind, no wind, flat or hilly.