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Zipp Powering World Champions at Kona

World’s Most Dedicated Triathletes on World’s Most Advanced Wheelsets, Aero Cockpits

Kona is the ultimate test for the planet’s most dedicated triathletes. Likewise, Zipp® sees the

Zipp firecrest 001

Zipp’s Firecrest Reborn

Zipp’s wheel lineup that changed everything changes again

Zipp’s Firecrest® wheel lineup and its specialty 202 Tubular climbing wheelset revolutionized what’s possible with high performance carbon

On the rise... Joshua Amberger

Amberger signs with SRAM, Zipp and Quarq

January 2013 – Media Release

BPM Athlete Management (“BAM”) is pleased to announce the signing of a new sponsorship agreement with SRAM/Zipp/Quarq (“SRAM”) for talented Australian