Review: SP Connect Multi Activity Bundle

The SP Connect multi-activity bundle is at its core a universal mounting solution for your phone. The bundle comes with a variety of mounts and connects to your phone via a universal twist lock which is stuck securely onto the back of your phone via a 3M mounting plate.

The bundle comes with a mount for your car vent, a universal mount and running mount.  It worked well in the car and was secure during the whole journey, however, as we are a triathlete community ill focus on the running band.

I have to say I was a bit reticent at first. As I have a large phone, I have always felt secure leveraging the running bands which can hold the phone in a pocket, however, I find these designs to be clunky, struggle with touchscreen functionality and often ride up and pinch.  With SP Connect the phone simply clicks onto a connection on the provided running band and you twist to lock and your away.  It engages similarly to a Garmin mount and I have to say it felt just as secure.  The provided running band is incredibly comfortable due to the fact that it covers most of your upper arm.  The band is wide, stable and never slipped.  The band has internal pockets for keys or in my case hidden caffeine tablets so it’s versatile and useful.  As the phone is not covered in a pocket, it very easy to interact with, however, this does mean that you need to be careful in 50/50 weather conditions or purchase the optional SP Connect weather cover.

One challenge I had was with the mounting.  The mount is permanently connected to the phone and as I carry my phone in a leather case, the mount (whilst low profile) pushed the phone out of my case.  The team at compass creative and SP Connect were kind enough to provide me with an external AcePro and Shock 2 rubber case from Bodyguardz, (a solid choice for a simple external shell case) to which I mounted the adapter to.  It was then a simple matter of changing cases pre and post run.

As the mount is universal, SP Connect provides a range of other mounts including connections for your bike, motorbike, golf and general fitness, so its certainly a workable and flexible platform.

Overall I would highly recommend this case for running, its a high performing, and comfortable solution, and priced and $90AUD.

Easy access to phone
Cost can mount up
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