Mission & Manifesto

Inspiring and empowering triathletes to achieve their personal excellence.

Our mission at Trizone is to inspire, equip, and champion triathletes in their pursuit of excellence. We are committed to delivering comprehensive resources and innovative solutions for all stages of the triathlon journey. Through our knowledge, passion, and a spirit of community, we aim to empower each triathlete to exceed their personal boundaries and achieve their athletic potential. At Trizone, we believe that every swim, bike, and run brings you one step closer to your goals, and we are here to make those steps count.

Manifesto, 2023 & Beyond

We launched Trizone with a shared conviction: the world of triathlon needed a more efficient, insightful platform to guide, inspire, and support athletes at all stages. We vowed to always prioritise our community.

We fulfilled this promise and offered a solution to the chaos of information overload. Now, we turn our attention to a broader issue affecting all athletes: the dilution of authentic, reliable, and useful triathlon content. It poses a significant challenge to the well-being and performance of our community, requiring significant efforts from us and others to rectify.

In response, we introduce the Trizone Charter of Commitments, a pledge to our community. We invite you to keep us accountable to these commitments.

  • Every article will be written or curated by a real person with verified expertise. NO bots. NO fake identities.
  • We assume responsibility for all content on our platforms, thereby challenging ourselves to maintain the highest standards.
  • We prioritise quality over quantity, striving to save your time by delivering concise and effective content.
  • Your data and privacy are of utmost importance to us. We will handle your information responsibly and transparently, providing clear explanations about our data handling processes.
  • We are committed to supporting and uplifting local triathlon communities. We invite community members to help us understand their unique needs better.
  • Earning your trust is our utmost goal. All team members are asked to refrain from public positions on contentious topics.
  • We promise to cover the most relevant topics with an analytical, unbiased, and balanced perspective.
  • We believe quality triathlon content should not be a privilege. We will ensure most of our content remains free to access.

You can also read more details about our editorial standards and independence.