American Redemption: Sarah True Wins Ironman Frankfurt European Championships

After a DNF in 2019, American Sarah True clinched victory in the IRONMAN Frankfurt European Championships, outpacing compatriot Skye Moench in a triumphant return

American Redemption: Sarah True Wins Ironman Frankfurt European Championships
Sarah True (USA) wins the Ironman European Championship Frankfurt (Photo: Jan Hetfleisch, Getty Images for IRONMAN)

Why it matters: In a thrilling Ironman Frankfurt European Championships, American Sarah True emerged victorious, outpacing compatriot Skye Moench and Poland’s Agnieszka Jerzyk, signifying a redemption from her DNF in 2019.

Setting the pace: Amid stiff competition and unexpected turn of events, including the withdrawal of defending champion Daniela Bleymehl, True demonstrated her formidable endurance and resilience to claim her title.

What they are saying:

  • Sarah True: “This is one of my favourite races...the crowd support is incredible, it’s well organised, and it’s such a delight to race here.”
  • True, on gender-specific races: “We get the media focus...I have done only two races this year, and both have been women's only and it’s been such a nice experience.”
  • Skye Moench: “Racing as women only... really helps us have the spotlight and our race gets the attention it deserves.”

By the numbers:

  • True completed the race in 08:54:53.
  • Moench followed closely at 08:57:30.
  • Agnieszka Jerzyk secured third place with 09:02:53.

Between transition: True’s performance was particularly impressive given her past experience at Ironman Frankfurt in 2019, where she had a DNF. This win underscores her growth and fortitude as an athlete.

Through Time: True has consistently proven herself as a top contender, having previously beaten Moench at Ironman Arizona. Her win at Frankfurt further cements her standing in the field.

The bottom line: Sarah True’s triumph at the Ironman Frankfurt European Championships underlines the excitement and competitiveness in women's triathlon, and showcases the increased attention and recognition women's races are garnering in the sport.