How To Send A Tip To Trizone: Secure Email and Signal

How To Send A Tip To Trizone: Secure Email and Signal

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How to Send A Tip


Email is the easiest way to reach us. You can send your via our Trizone email here:

We take security and anonymity seriously and want to enable you to communicate with us using the latest technology. If you think for a moment that you might be at risk of reprisals, do not use your work email or computer. For added security, create a new, anonymous email account for communication with us, and set up and use the account via public (not home) Wi-Fi, or with the anonymous Tor browser.

If you wish to use PGP, we can support that as well. Currently, Shawn will be the best contact. You can email him and you can view his PGP Public Key here. Information about downloading and installing PGP is here: Mac / Windows.


Signal is one of our favourite Apps for ensuring ease of use and allowing all communication to be encrypted, including text messages and calls. Signal stores your number and the last time you accessed the app, but not who you communicate with. Be sure not to use your work phone. You can download Signal here.

You can tip Trizone via Signal at +61-44-888-2552

Depending on what version of Signal you’re using, you may need to add Trizone’s number as a contact before starting a conversation. It can be deleted once the conversation has begun.