10 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Dimond Bike

Pro triathlete Jesse Thomas highlights the exceptional speed, customization, and aerodynamics of Dimond's new beam bike, making a compelling case for its adoption.

10 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Dimond Bike

Sometimes a ground-breaking new bike emerges, turning heads and causing a stir. One such bike is the new Dimond beam bike. Trizone sat down with professional triathlete Jesse Thomas to find out what all the fuss is about.

After all, as we all know people can be creatures of habit and quite often will be reluctant to make the leap and embrace something new that seems to stand out from the crowd. So, when a new bike hits the market which is altogether different, how do you go about getting people to buy into the concept and science behind it?

While the ‘beam bike’ concept is not new, with for instance the likes of Zipp and Softride having produced beam bikes in the 90s, the latest incarnations look like becoming much more mainstream. Dimond have arguably made the greatest inroads into the mainstream market, and their latest version builds on the launch models with the addition of some impressive enhancements.

But the big question is how do you convince mainstream triathlon bike customers to take a punt on something that is so different? What the average triathlete wants is generally for someone more knowledgeable to spell out the benefits, and to offer them the confidence that they aren’t purchasing an ‘unknown entity’.

With this in mind, we thought we would ask one of the better known professional triathletes riding a Dimond to give us their top ten reasons why you should buy one of these new super bikes. We could have asked TJ Tolekson, but that would be taking bias to another level. So, we decided to enlist Jesse Thomas to talk us through the bike’s key specs and why this should be a strong contender for your next triathlon bike purchase.


Over to you Jesse…

  1. FAST AF – The first point is the best one: this bike is fast! Based on my own experience and the testing, it’s as fast as they get. If you only need one reason to buy it, that’s it.
  2. Custom Paint – Look at Dimond’s Instagram account to see how each owner has customised their ride. In today’s world why do bikes come in mostly one colour??!?!
  3. Stiff – Besides ‘this feels fast’, the first thing I thought when I first got on the bike was, ‘wow, this feels really stiff!’ Honestly, power transfer from your legs through the bike feels as good as anything I’ve ever ridden. This IS NOT your old Softride.
  4. Front End Customization – Use the front end bar setup you want, no worries about trying to fit specific fit dimensions or making something work for you that doesn’t [function] already.
  5. Packability – The bike is made to break down in half, and with the front end compatibility everything comes off in a breeze. Packing and travelling is a lot easier with the carat case (and cheaper if you get Ruster’s Hen House bike bag to go with it).
  6. Descends Like A Beast – At IM Lanzarote, I set 3 KOM on big descents and these aren’t my hometown hills. I feel so comfortable and secure on the Dimond, it carves like no other bike I’ve ever ridden.
  7. Dimond Club – I’ve witnessed and experienced their customer service first hand. Once you’re in the club, you’ve got the entire company at your service to help with whatever comes up.
  8. No Probs In The Wind – Unlike a lot of new superbike designs, Dimond is steady Eddy in big crosswinds. I’ve ridden it successfully on some of the windiest courses on the planet without any problems.
  9. Integrated Storage – The newest frame launching now, the Marquise, comes with integrated top tube and down tube storage for fuel and accessories. I fit 2000 calories, a Co2 pump, tire lever, and tools in the new Marquise. No more stuff hanging off your bike!
  10. It Looks Freaking Awesome – I mean seriously, the bike looks bad ass! What are you waiting for!?!?