Kuota K-Factor Triathlon Bike


The K-Factor features a monocoque frame with a geometry designed to appeal to larger range of cyclists.
Its taller head tube, air flow channel on top tube, full 12K weave and exclusive horizontal dropout with interchangeable hanger all come together to provide a very comfortable ride.  
Kuota K-Factor Triathlon BikeThe Kuota K-Factor Dura-Ace combines the functional, comfort oriented, real-world aerodynamic frame geometry and position of the K-Factor series but with the race winning, world class Shimano Dura-Ace component group. With optimized, custom pantographed Kuota brakes and a SRAM Elita crankset controlled from a genuine Profile Design cockpit the K-Factor Dura-Ace is a great step-up bike when you decide to start going long.

Kuota has built Ironman winning bikes and bikes used by the prestigious “Best Climber” in the Tour de France. Elements of each of these philosophies converge in the K-Factor to produce a versatile, aerodynamic and comfortable frame configuration. The head tube on the K-Factor frameset is higher than most other bikes in this category. This will enable the rider to stay in the aero paosture longer resulting in faster times. It also reduces the need for large numbers of headset spacers- notorious for compromising frame aerodynamics. Bascially, the K-Factor is designed to fit for how we really ride with minimal modification or compromise.

Other details on the Kuota K-Factor Dura-Ace include Vittoria’s Zaphiro Pro tire, a real-world tire with diamond tread for all-weather and an Aramid Endura 3D layer that enhances flat resistance but still has excellent rolling resistance. The San Marcon Trilon saddle is designed specifically for riding in the aero posture with a padded nose section and full 27cm length. This combines with the Kuota variable geometry seatpost for a wide range of comfortable fit options. If you are realistic about your bike selection the Kuota K-Factor Dura-Ace makes sense. The higher head tube, comfort oriented position and ecclectic approach to frame design that combines good aerodynamics with real world comfort and excellent frame stiffness across the size run mean this bike is built for how we really ride, race and train.

Kuota K-Factor - Technical


Karl Hayes

Head of Rest and Recovery

Karl is a keen age group triathlete who races more than he trains. Good life balance! Karl works in the media industry in Australia and is passionate about the sport of triathlon.