Garmin Forerunner 110 – GPS and Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) Watch

John Marsh – Northside Runners, Crows Nest

Garmin’s Forerunner 110 is here and it is going to help your running. The new line in the Forerunner range provides – in the most simple manner – something which is very important to developing your running and fitness: feedback. Using user position information from the built-in SirF IV GPS receiver the Forerunner 110 accurately records distance, time and pace (average). Built in data storage allows you to review your training sessions at your leisure using the software on the Garmin Connect website (free). This allows for some pretty detailed analysis – data fanatics rejoice.

Garmen Forerunner 110After dealing with a few other models of fitness and running HRM/GPS systems, the first quality that you notice with the Forerunner 110 is it’s simplicity. With a couple button clicks you are ready to roll out the door – it’s that quick and simple. Other recent Garmin GPS watches such as the 405 used the touch control bezel – the Forerunner 110 changes this, opting for simple control buttons instead. PC connection is carried out with a USB cable rather than wireless.

As well as pace, distance and time display options, you can also monitor your heart rate with the black/red model (men’s) or grey/pink model (women’s). The standard Forerunner 110 (black/grey) doesn’t come with a heart rate strap, although any Garmin HR strap will work as the watch is ANT+ wireless compatible. With the HR strap present, all of the models are able to track and calculate the number of calories you’ve burned as well.

First impressions are that the simplicity of the watch is appreciated. The 110 lacks some of the more advanced features of the higher-end models, but is refreshingly easy to use.The latest SiRF IV GPS receiver functions well with signal lock times averaging around 30 seconds. The screen layout is simple making it very legible even while running. The Forerunner 110 has the same water resistant rating as the Forerunner 405(CX) – you’re pretty much fine with anything short of full prolonged submersion.

Battery life is up to 8 hours in training mode, while the GPS receiver is draining charge. When in standby mode it should maintain charge for a few weeks. The Forerunner 110 is compact and light enough to be worn continuously as a casual watch if desired.

$299 with Heart Rate – $249 with no HR (RRP)

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