New Swiss Engineered On Running Shoes Using CloudTec Technology

“On” Running – On Form! A new shoe has landed. Fresh off the boat, I’m excited to have had my first good look at the new running shoes from On.

True to its unconventional name, the shoe itself is anything but the “norm.” I’m instantly drawn towards the cool contrasting colours of the bright green sole and black upper, as well as the spring-like lugs that are positioned around the sole. This shoe is different and I’m excited to give it a run.

Before heading out, a little about the shoe…

With a vision to re-design the running shoe, a Swiss engineer has developed the On shoe to bring the fun back into running. Through a revolutionary cushioning system coined CloudTec Technology, the shoe features an outsole that consists of 13 green shock-absorbers. These semi-soft rectangular tubes are designed not only to reduce vertical impact, but also the
horizontal forces which are present when the foot hits the ground. The inner surfaces of the lugs are ribbed – the inside is designed not to slip when the runner moves through the toe-off part of the running gait when the lugs are compressed.  This technology is combined with a lightweight upper and a high level of mid-sole flexibility, resulting in a natural feeling, lively shoe. This liveliness, or lack of “control,” forces the stabilising muscles of the foot and ankle to become engaged while running encouraging the running to naturally become stronger and less prone to injury.

So how did it go?? Always in the pursuit of a more efficient running technique, I was interested to see what the CloudTec Technology would mean in terms of allowing for a natural running pattern. I was not disappointed. While the On shoe had a very cushioned feeling, a lower than normal heel height combined with the lug design and flexible midsole meant that a natural mid/forefoot strike came easily. The great aspect of the shoe for me was an instant reduction in “shock” when running down a slight incline, and I could see that a lot of runners would benefit from this.

The On proved to be exactly what was promised – a lightweight, well-cushioned training and racing shoe, with a twist. It looks great, feels smooth and is ideal for runners who are after a high level of cushioning across the whole shoe, while still achieving that natural running aspect and a high level of performance.

Olivier Bernhard, a former world class international triathlete who is a spokesperson and co-developer for On states: “On is the higher performance shoe from which also
non-professional runners can fully benefit.” Olivier, you might have something here..

The first On shoes have recently arrived in Australia after seeing huge early success in Germany and across Europe. The model pictured is one of three colourways, all of which can be seen on the On website ( Due to the nature of the shoe, this first model is designed for runners up to 85kg, with a lightweight model in the pipeline as well as a more robust version for heavier runners.

It’s going to be great to see brand move forward. With a high level of innovation, technical knowledge and industry involvement, I’m expecting big things from this shoe with a twist.


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