Mitch Robins wins 2010 SiS Port Macquarie Half Ironman Triathlon

By Karl Hayes

Mitch Robins has taken out the 2010 SiS Port Macquarie Half Ironman from Tim Reed and local hero Tim Berkel for his first pro win in a time of 3:59:09. Mitch’s run was just too fast on on the day and Tim Reed lost just over a minute to Mitch after keeping pace with him in the swim and bike.

The SiS Half Ironman was held in Port Macquarie in tough conditions with slightly overcast skies during the swim and the cycle portion, then clearing and warming up while many of the competitors were tackling the run course. There was a slight breeze in the early part of the day, then the gusts picked up as the age group athletes were in the later stages of the bike course.

This year the race is in its sixth and final year under the current structure, and there were record numbers competing. The race had 931 registered competitors, as well as 91 Teams racing. The race had competitors from seven countries, and every state and territory in Australia. While New South Wales led the charge, there were a good number from Queensland, Victoria, and the ACT.

Port Macquarie local and last years second place getter, Mitch Robbins took out the title against a strong assembly of Australia’s young guns. Last years winner, Tim Berkel made the podium, while Tim Reed (Lord Howe Island) slotted into second place. The race was controlled by those three from start to finish, and it came down to the strongest runners of the day, that sorted out the podium. 

There were only seconds between them from the swim exit, to the start of the run, and that is where Robbins stomped out his authority. He surged out into the run, and Reed tried to keep that pace (and even led for a brief time), before Robbins surged again to pull away from Reed. Berkel did not have his best day on the run, which is one of his strengths. Victorian Luke Whitmore was making his way towards Berkel, but had already lost too much time in the swim and bike to recover from that deficit, and Berkel held the third position comfortably, with a 9-minute lead, when Whitmore crossed the line.

Mitch also took out the awards for fastest swim, fastest bike and fastest run.

SiS_Port Macquarie_Half_Ironman_2010_Top_5_Males

Pictured are Tim Berkel, Luke Whitmore, Michael O’Hara from Science in Sport, Adam Holborow, Tim Reed and Mitch Robins.


Pos Name Time Swim Cycle Run
1 Mitchell ROBINS 3:59:09 0:23:39 2:18:21 1:17:08
2 Tim REED 4:00:29 0:23:49 2:18:27 1:18:13
3 Tim BERKEL 4:04:20 0:23:44 2:18:24 1:22:11
4 Luke WHITMORE 4:13:20 0:24:33 2:27:49 1:20:57
5 Finnbar CRENNAN 4:17:24 0:26:48 2:24:19 1:26:16
6 Todd ISRAEL 4:19:29 0:26:55 2:27:43 1:24:49
7 Adam HOLBOROW 4:22:11 0:24:02 2:24:14 1:33:54
8 Richard MUNRO 4:22:28 0:24:28 2:28:59 1:28:59
9 Matthew KOOREY 4:22:58 0:24:36 2:27:57 1:30:23
10 Tim KITCHING 4:24:19 0:25:21 2:33:08 1:25:49
11 Brad EASTWOOD 4:27:57 0:26:57 2:27:56 1:33:03
12 Ben BELL 4:28:53 0:27:56 2:39:16 1:21:40
13 Anthony PARKER 4:29:02 0:24:34 2:33:29 1:30:57
14 Lindsey WALL 4:29:18 0:23:53 2:29:37 1:35:47
15 Stuart PASS 4:30:36 0:28:58 2:32:30 1:29:08
16 Sean BRUNT 4:31:24 0:25:25 2:28:01 1:37:57
18 Timothy MOLESWORTH 4:32:11 0:31:57 2:33:39 1:26:34
19 Nathan HILL 4:32:37 0:27:49 2:33:28 1:31:19
20 Richard SEWELL 4:33:23 0:28:18 2:36:19 1:28:45
21 Chris DMITRIEFF 4:34:26 0:23:53 2:33:12 1:37:20

Go to the SiS Port Macquarie Half Ironman website for full results.





Karl Hayes

Head of Rest and Recovery

Karl is a keen age group triathlete who races more than he trains. Good life balance! Karl works in the media industry in Australia and is passionate about the sport of triathlon.