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Michael Fox and Lisa Marangon win Huskisson Olympic Distance Triathlon



By Karl Hayes


Michael Fox and Lisa Marangon have won the Huskisson Olympic distance triathlon in fine form. Lisa won after backing up from the pro series race an hour before and Michael followed on from his solid 6th against a world class field the week before at the Nepean triathlon. Lindsey Wall was 2nd in the men’s race with Robert Hurley 3rd. Laura Siddle had one of her best performances in an Olympic distance race with Lauren Fitzgerald 3rd making it a clean sweep for women’s first names beginning with L. 

Lisa Marangon
backed up to win the Olympic distance race in after only one
hour before taking out the pro series sprint triathlon. This was a great
effort and shows how much effort Lisa is putting in to the next phase
of her triathlon career.

A day after Huskisson Lisa was still pumped about the weekend. “I love racing the pro tour series. I will do as many as I can. Emo (Elite Energy) puts on some awesome events and the race weekend just ran so smoothly”.

Lisa is stepping down from Ironman and 70.3 distances and will be focusing on Olympic distance next year. This is why we are seeing her at these races. It is great to see an athlete of her calibre turning up and racing regularly. What next for Lisa? “I am currently looking for the right coach to train me for the Olympic distance racing. Next year I will trial a few ITU Continental Cup races. I am going to have to re structure everything that I have been doing and it will take a little time to adapt. With the right guidance I will get the best out of myself. I am up for changing so long as it makes me progress forwards, not backwards”.

Michael Fox2011 is going to be a huge change for Lisa athletically and personally. Sometimes you have to change old habits to move forwards and Lisa is very focused on this next phase. 

Michael Fox backed up from his solid performance at Nepean the week before to take a major win. At the Nepean triathlon Michael was able to mix it with the front runners with one of the strongest swims and bikes of the day and but lost a few minutes in the run to Mitch, Brendan Sexton and Pete Jacobs. With the swim and the bike sorted to Michael lifting his run a notch and seeing him on a major race podium in the near future. Early favourite Mitch Robins pulled out during the race due to cramps after having completed the pro series race earlier in the morning. Michael will be racing at the Wollongong round of the triseries on Dec 5.

The run times were slow across the board with very quick swim times due to a slightly short swim course. (I’ll take 20mins for an Olympic distance swim any day!).

On another note I am a big gel fan. Gels are my friend. I have tried most of them in my relatively short triathlon career. When you start triathlons at 39 with no running or swimming background you need to look for any edge you can. At the Port Macquarie Half Ironman I had a number of people telling me how great the SiS Smart 1 gels were. So I got some last week and popped one for the first time ever on Sunday in the run. I can say that this was the first time I have felt such a huge and almost instant lift from a gel. It happened after about 4-5 mins. I ran with Alex Frame for the entire run. Normally Alex out runs me but on Sunday for the first time ever I stayed with Alex until about 500 meters to go. I had to conceded to his superior running ability at that stage. But up until then the Smart gel I took at the 3km mark was what kept me in the race with Alex. Also a special mention to Peter Clark who caught me with 300 meters to go and we had a sprint for 3rd place but Husky was my day. At Forster Peter got me quite comfortably.

If you would like to add anything to this race report please email me.

Top Three Men

1 Michael FOX  2:00:43
2 Lindsey WALL  2:02:43
3 Robert HURLEY  2:02:48

Top Three Women

1 Lisa MARANGON  2:14:18
2 Laura SIDDALL  2:15:08
3 Lauren FITZGERALD  2:16:50



Age Group Resultstriseries website

Pos Name Time Cat Swim Cycle Run
53 Sarah FLETCHER  2:20:58 F20-24 0:19:02 1:11:01 0:47:31
66 Jessica SIMPSON  2:23:52 F20-24 0:19:05 1:12:43 0:48:33
172 Karlie HOGAN  2:41:37 F20-24 0:25:46 1:18:08 0:53:51
39 Lauren FITZGERALD  2:16:50 F25-29 0:19:28 1:07:07 0:47:00
50 Erin HARGRAVE  2:19:33 F25-29 0:21:40 1:11:47 0:42:37
61 Stephanie GRAVES  2:22:15 F25-29 0:20:56 1:09:56 0:48:06
115 Therese MCLAREN  2:31:55 F25-29 0:23:59 1:14:18 0:50:08
122 Carley STEPHENS  2:33:31 F25-29 0:22:23 1:19:26 0:48:07
126 Amy BENNETT  2:34:04 F25-29 0:21:17 1:15:31 0:53:34
194 Samantha PLAYFAIR  2:45:35 F25-29 0:26:25 1:20:44 0:54:31
204 Liliana GUISCARDO  2:47:41 F25-29 0:19:00 1:21:14 1:03:18
238 Elizabeth ROGERS  2:54:08 F25-29 0:25:10 1:22:15 1:02:51
265 Katie GREEN  3:13:39 F25-29 0:28:48 1:29:27 1:08:09
31 Laura SIDDALL  2:15:08 F30-34 0:19:07 1:07:33 0:45:21
78 Jennifer DALGLISH  2:26:19 F30-34 0:21:10 1:12:12 0:49:03
88 Nicola HARRISON  2:27:20 F30-34 0:22:47 1:10:25 0:50:17
91 Anna WOODROW  2:27:47 F30-34 0:19:35 1:15:17 0:49:27
188 Rita HANLEY  2:44:38 F30-34 0:25:41 1:21:34 0:53:23
196 Ariane PICKARD  2:46:03 F30-34 0:24:12 1:19:38 0:57:58
200 Madeleine SKINNER  2:47:08 F30-34 0:22:49 1:24:24 0:55:34
210 Sarah GOLDSMITH  2:48:57 F30-34 0:26:21 1:22:40 0:56:00
258 Melissa BIRD  3:02:29 F30-34 0:26:56 1:25:32 1:06:39
267 Jane BURNDRED  3:17:01 F30-34 0:29:28 1:31:05 1:10:59
268 Olivia BARRETT  3:22:02 F30-34 0:30:31 1:35:58 1:08:40
108 Estelle VON ABO  2:30:30 F35-39 0:21:01 1:14:39 0:51:33
113 Katrina SKELLERN  2:31:45 F35-39 0:20:53 1:16:36 0:50:55
118 Natasha GEREBTZOFF  2:32:22 F35-39 0:21:06 1:13:56 0:53:25
129 Sally GORDON  2:34:21 F35-39 0:22:37 1:18:00 0:51:51
136 Jade HANCOCK  2:35:07 F35-39 0:22:25 1:13:30 0:55:47
142 Kerry SEADON  2:36:13 F35-39 0:20:23 1:12:52 0:59:23
143 Melanie HEADLEY  2:36:16 F35-39 0:21:28 1:20:33 0:50:41
152 Lowana STIRK  2:37:57 F35-39 0:24:59 1:18:29 0:50:30
158 Nicole STANNERS  2:38:54 F35-39 0:22:17 1:16:25 0:56:27
168 Georgia BAMBER  2:41:03 F35-39 0:24:53 1:18:26 0:53:46
169 Nienke OOSTRA  2:41:09 F35-39 0:29:27 1:14:51 0:53:27
173 Emma BIDSTRUP  2:41:42 F35-39 0:23:54 1:19:00 0:55:11
183 Elizabeth HILL  2:43:41 F35-39 0:22:28 1:17:09 1:00:26
191 Rowena SINCLAIR-SMITH  2:44:55 F35-39 0:21:31 1:19:49 0:59:55
211 Lee MACKIE  2:49:10 F35-39 0:26:00 1:24:25 0:55:00
216 Lenell HOLLYWOOD  2:50:44 F35-39 0:25:07 1:26:25 0:54:33
220 Kylie RAMSDEN  2:51:01 F35-39 0:23:33 1:27:36 0:56:07
226 Tabitha HARTWELL  2:51:49 F35-39 0:26:59 1:22:28 0:58:20
233 Jenni WALL  2:52:43 F35-39 0:27:12 1:25:18 0:55:51
240 Nancy HANCOCK  2:54:29 F35-39 0:24:55 1:27:48 0:57:35
246 Francesca BOASE  2:56:15 F35-39 0:24:00 1:23:19 1:04:45
249 Kelli FISCHER  2:57:50 F35-39 0:28:55 1:24:06 0:58:59
257 Kirsten CARGILL  3:02:07 F35-39 0:26:27 1:26:47 1:04:56
260 Kirsty GRACE  3:04:25 F35-39 0:24:17 1:24:54 1:10:54
52 Sally TAGGART  2:20:29 F40-44 0:20:11 1:11:56 0:45:02
202 Rachel MONAHAN  2:47:10 F40-44 0:25:46 1:24:59 0:52:11
221 Susan FLYNN  2:51:10 F40-44 0:26:36 1:20:55 0:59:25
232 Lisa BEATH  2:52:40 F40-44 0:23:04 1:20:40 1:05:02
239 Francoise COURIER  2:54:24 F40-44 0:21:09 1:23:17 1:05:46
253 Rebecca STURROCK  2:59:14 F40-44 0:29:16 1:24:24 0:59:52
254 Vanessa MACBEAN  3:00:20 F40-44 0:27:48 1:27:20 1:00:30
161 Louise BIRDSALL  2:39:38 F45-49 0:26:18 1:18:58 0:50:22
164 Sarah GREEN  2:39:49 F45-49 0:28:57 1:17:08 0:50:07
170 Carol BRUCE  2:41:24 F45-49 0:23:20 1:19:39 0:54:43
228 Anne LINGAFELTER  2:51:57 F45-49 0:25:45 1:23:22 0:58:49
222 Gladys WOODS  2:51:15 F50-54 0:27:11 1:23:30 0:56:22
237 Susan NICHOLSON  2:53:52 F50-54 0:24:32 1:24:15 1:01:05
244 Deanne JOHNSON  2:55:55 F50-54 0:25:00 1:25:04 1:02:10
262 Barb BEARD  3:08:30 F50-54 0:26:55 1:23:30 1:13:37
184 Catherine TULLOH  2:44:10 F55-59 0:23:11 1:20:39 0:56:30
225 Catherine VERRY  2:51:46 F55-59 0:28:54 1:19:40 0:59:26
29 Lisa MARANGON  2:14:18 FOpen 0:17:53 1:08:03 0:45:07
18 Brad FRASER  2:11:02 M15-19 0:18:35 1:07:33 0:42:00
130 Daniel HOGG  2:34:27 M15-19 0:19:30 1:17:21 0:53:42
17 Peter ZITZELSBERGER  2:09:58 M20-24 0:19:23 1:04:52 0:42:43
25 Sam GARLING  2:13:36 M20-24

Karl is a keen age group triathlete who races more than he trains. Good life balance! Karl works in the media industry in Australia and is passionate about the sport of triathlon.

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Luke Bell and Tim Van Berkel go head to head again



Two of the biggest names in IRONMAN racing, aussies Luke Bell and Tim van Berkel are returning to IRONMAN 70.3 Sunshine Coast to headline the pro field and test themselves on the tough 2016 World Championships course.

The veteran Bell is set to re-invigorate his racing season that stalled with an uncharacteristic and almost unbelievable DNF at IRONMAN Cairns, while Van Berkel is using the Sunshine Coast race as a tune up for his assault on the IRONMAN World Championships in Kona.

Bell’s IRONMAN Cairns was one of the shortest on record, when he was pulled out of the water by the rubber ducky (IRB) no more than fifty metres off shore.

“The main challenge of the first half of the year was supposed to be IRONMAN Cairns but unfortunately when the gun went off and I dived in the water, I dived onto the feet of a couple of guys in front of me and cracked a rib within the first few strokes. So that ended that goal. It was a very quick trip.”

“That is the nature of IRONMAN, you spend a lot of time and effort hoping everything is going to be good on one day. It is either good or it is not, but that is the way it is and we are all used to it. You just put it behind you and move on. I rested up fully for about three weeks and did what I could that was pain bearable, but it took me 4-5 weeks all up to recover.”

Back in peak fitness Bell is keen to leave Melbourne and head north to the warmth the Sunshine Coast and show everyone that at 38, he is still a force in the world of IRONMAN 70.3.

“It has been a couple of years since I have actually raced on the Sunshine Coast so I am happy to hear that they are using the 2016 World Championship course. A challenging bike course is always better than an out and back on a freeway. It keeps it honest and makes sure that someone who is good over all three disciplines wins the race.”

“The Sunshine Coast is one of those places that everyone in Australia likes to race. Whether it is the 70.3, or Mooloolaba. Over the years coming up through the juniors and all the age groupers racing Moooloolaba and the ITU events, it is a place that everyone is very familiar with. You look forward to getting up there hanging out on the beach and spending a few days in an enjoyable family oriented location.”

“Sunshine Coast 70.3 is great preparation for the guys heading over to Kona because it is about four weeks out and you also have the young guys trying to make their mark on the 70.3 world coming up through. It is a great opportunity for them and it gets everyone in the one spot at the one time and we try and belt the hell out of each other,” he said.

One of those athletes looking for a last minute tune up for the IRONMAN World Championships in Kona is Tim Van Berkel who has done IRONMAN 70.3 Sunshine Coast twice with mixed results.

“I DNF’d the first time but the second time I won in 2015, so I have good memories there and I am looking forward to having another crack at it.”

“The bike is changed from the year I won it but the swim and the run are the same. It is awesome that they are keeping the World Championship course from last year because it has a harder ride that goes out into the hinterland. Being a smaller guy and it being pretty hilly I think it will suit me. When the bike is hard, packs split up a bit and it takes the sting out of some of the faster runner’s legs. I think the new bike course is the way to go.”

“Everything is about Kona for me I am hoping to get back in the top ten like I did in 2014 and that is the big goal. The last two years I have been really disappointed with my results there and I want a top ten and I am putting all my eggs into that basket.”

“IRONMAN 70.3 Sunshine Coast is five weeks out from Hawaii and it is my last solid hit out. It is perfect for me because all I have to do is jump in the car and head three hours north and I am there.”

“I love racing up that way and I am expecting a very strong field to turn up. It is a triathlon Mecca up there in Mooloolaba and Maroochydore with the ITU and the 70.3 racing and the 70.3 Worlds last year. I love racing in Australia and I like to come home in good form so I am really looking forward to it,” he said.

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Community-inspired “Small Batch” Collection launches with Cola Me-Happy Energy Gel



Last fall, GU Energy Labs turned to its community of athletes to nominate and vote for the next great Energy Gel flavor. After the votes were tallied, GU’s innovation team hit the kitchen to bring the voter’s choice flavor to fruition. The company announced the launch of “Cola Me-Happy” Energy Gel, the first in a series of special-made “Small Batch” flavors made at their headquarters in Berkeley, CA..

“Our community of athletes constantly inspires and challenges us to come up with new flavors, and some of their ideas can be unique,” said Magda Boulet, vice president of innovation, research and development, GU Energy Labs. “Our innovation team loves tinkering in the kitchen. We love creating flavors that will satisfy our athletes’ taste buds while training and racing. It’s the best part of our job.”

The family owned company has been manufacturing all GU Energy Gel flavors at its headquarters in Berkeley, Calif., since, 1983. GU currently has 27 vibrant flavors of Energy Gels in its line, joined by Cola Me-Happy, which is available now for a limited time. All “Small Batch” Collection flavors will be sold in 8-packs only, exclusively through

Cola Me-Happy, box of 8 MSRP $12.00

Cola Me-Happy Energy Gel packs a light sweetness, and it is a refreshing and tasty take on a classic aid-station favorite. Created for daily training, the Cola Me-Happy Gel packs energy-dense calories in a portable 100-calorie packet to keep athletes light on their feet and flying past the competition.

Cola Me-Happy Energy Gel provides carbohydrates that use non-competing pathways to help maximize absorption and utilization while diminishing stomach distress. As well as providing the optimal level of sodium, the primary electrolyte lost in sweat, to ensure hydration by maintaining water balance while branched-chain amino acids reduce mental fatigue and decrease muscle damage.

Melissa Bodeau, who nominated the winning flavor, said she is extremely excited to see Cola Me-Happy be brought to life. “The packaging is absolutely perfect, and it’s so neat to have the opportunity to train with a flavor that I dreamt up,” Bodeau said.

The packaging on the Cola Me-Happy Gel was inspired by a piece of art commissioned by GU from California artist and trail runner Maggie Tides, titled “Places We Play,” which celebrates the beautiful trails, hills, roads and water in the Bay Area of Northern California.

For more information about the “Small Batch” Collection, or to purchase the new flavor, visit To learn how to incorporate this flavor into a nutrition plan for a race or training session, visit

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Ironman 70.3: Tim Don and Jeanni Seymour win at Ironman 70.3 Boulder



Tim Don and Jeanni Seymour both came from behind to run to victory at Ironman 70.3 Boulder last weekend. Here’s how the races played out.

Men’s Race

The men’s swim saw Aussie Jake Montgomery chasing Matt Chrabot, with Matt Franklin following close behind. Chrabot made it out of the water in the lead, finishing in just 24:44, while Montgomery was seconds behind, making it out of the water in 24:46.

The leading pair maintained their position at the front, ahead of a solid chase pack of Tim Don, Drew Scott, Rodolphe Von Berg, Ben Hoffman, Justin Metzler and Matt Franklin.

Impressively, Montgomery and Chrabot maintained their lead as the run began. Behind them, infamously strong runner Tim Don made his way into third place.

Throughout the run though, Don was able to set the fastest time and take the lead, running to victory in 3:41:32. Matt Chrabot made it to second, while Ben Hoffman finished in third.

Women’s race

Alicia Kaye set the fastest swim time of 26:52, with Katy Evans finishing in 27:56, and Leanda Cave chasing hard making it out of the water just behind her in 27:58.

As the bike leg got well underway, Kaye maintained her lead, building it to a huge two minutes by the 13-mile mark. Chasing her was Leanda Cave, Jeannie Seymour, Christen Brown and Katy Evans.

After the second transition, Kaye was still in the lead but the run was where things were about to change. Jeanni Seymour was only 1:20 behind Kaye at the transition, which set her up perfectly for the rest of the run where she ran to victory, finishing in 4:07:56. Lesley Smith made it to second, while Alicia Kaye finished in third.

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ITU: Gomez ends Mola’s winning streak with victory at Montreal ITU 2017



International Triathlon Union / Wagner Araujo

Javier Gomez Noya triumphed in Montreal in a fierce race and very windy conditions. Blummenfelt and Murray chased close behind to round out the podium.

The swim was anyone’s race, and by the start of the bike leg it was destined to be a battle between the top seven riders, including Gomez, Blummenfelt and Brownlee and more. South African Richard Murray chased hard and reached the leaders in the bike, setting himself up for the run.

“I know that about halfway through the second lap that it was possible to catch Johnny,” said Murray. “I saw the pace difference.

ITU run sets Gomez up for victory

Most exciting though was the run. As Gomez flew through the second transition, he took the lead and didn’t look back, finishing the race in 01:47:50.

“It was a really good course,” said Gomez. “A lot of spectators, and it’s always nice to see people cheering.

“A few Spaniards are on holiday here as well, supporting us. I hope they keep doing this race because it’s one of the best ones.”

Mola retains top spot on the ITU leaderboard

This victory ended fellow Spaniard Mario Mola’s impressive winning streak this year, where Mola has run to victory in four huge events.

“That’s racing,” said Mola. “Of course I wanted to keep the momentum I had, but the guys in front did well.

“I emptied the tank on the bike. I tried to start hard on the run. Halfway through the run my legs said ‘that’s enough, that’s all you have today.’ So I made it to the end with what I had left.”Mola finished in 14th place, perhaps out of steam after his win in Edmonton last week.

While Mola may maintain his first place on the leaderboard, Gomez is now in second place, so it remains to be seen who will take out the final victory after Stockholm later his month and the final in Rotterdam in September.

  1. Javier Gomez Noya 01:47:50
  2. Kristian Blummenfelt 01:48:05
  3. Richard Murray 01:48:42
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ITU: Australian Ashleigh Gentle edges out Flora Duffy to win in Montreal



International Triathlon Union / Wagner Araujo

Aussie talent Ashleigh Gentle stormed to her first victory in a World Triathlon Series race in Montreal. Despite being desperately sick with the flu, Gentle powered past world champion Flora Duffy to take out the win.

Being sick didn’t stop Aussie Gentle

Ashleigh Gentle had been struggling with the flu and had decided she wouldn’t race. Just a few short hours before the event though, Gentle decided to compete in the event.

“I arrived into Montreal feeling sick and didn’t know whether I would be able to race — I only made my decision this morning, hours before the start,” Gentle said.

“I’ve got to say a huge thanks to my coach Jamie Turner who installed some things in my mind to just focus on the little things and the inspiration from Gwen (Jorgensen).”

ITU Montreal 2017

Fierce swimmer Katie Zaferes of America took the lead early and she stayed out in front until the first transition, just ahead of Carolina Routier and Emma Jeffcoat. With a very small gap of just a few seconds, Zaferes was caught quickly by a pack of 13 strong cyclists.

Powering forward at a remarkable pace, the nine lap bike leg was gruelling but thrilling with the leader changing often. The lead pack was comprised of champion Flora Duffy, Zaferes, Hewitt, Kirsten Kasper, Taylor Knibb and Joanna Brown plus a few other pro women.

Gentle powered forward in the run, making her way to the lead, creating a nine second lead ahead of Duffy, Hewitt and Kasper. From there, despite being very unwell on the day of the event, Ashleigh Gentle increased her lead steadily throughout the run to surge to victory.

After the race, Gentle said between tears: “I had so many things on my mind coming into this race… I needed to focus on the little things rather than the results, and I did. I made it. It has taken me six years to get on top of the WTS podium, six years of up and downs, a few second places… and I finally made it”.

Duffy was also “very happy for my second place”, but “really happy for Ashleigh. I knew this was gonna come at some point”.

Hewitt said: “I’ve been in this city 10 days training and I think that this has helped me a lot today. I loved the city and the course, and to be back to an Olympic distance race”.

Trizone wishes Ashleigh Gentle a huge congratulations on this win.

ITU WTS Montreal – 1.5km / 41.5km / 10km

  1. Ashleigh Gentle (AUS) – 01:59:04
  2. Flora Duffy (BER) –  01:59:27
  3. Andrea Hewitt (NZL) – 01:59:48
  4. Joanna Brown (CAN) – 02:00:23
  5. Kirsten Kasper (USA) – 02:00:26
  6. Rachel Klamer (NED) – 02:00:32
  7. Taylor Knibb (USA) – 02:00:51
  8. Yuko Takahashi (JPN) – 02:01:01
  9. Katie Zaferes (USA) – 02:01:14
  10. Charlotte McShane (AUS) 02:01:49
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Super League Announces Corporate Mix and Expanding Upon Championship Format



Fifty of the world’s leading triathletes, including 25 Olympians, will compete for round two of the Super League Triathlon crown on 23rd and 24th September 2017, in Jersey, UK. They will be joined by teams of corporates, including First Names Group, Ravenscroft Group, Santander Group and UBS AG, looking to test themselves at the same event as the best triathletes in the world.

Expanding upon the Championship format, Super League Jersey will also feature a corporate triathlon event. Companies will be able to enter two Corporate or VIP teams to race in the ‘Corporate Mix’ format, on the same course as the professional athletes. The ‘Corporate Mix’ will allow companies to compete against each other, with the scores being a total of their teams’ sponsored pro athletes and their own team relays.

Super League Triathlon co-founder and Managing Director, Michael Dhulst, commented: “‘Corporate Mix’ partners will gain access to the world’s greatest triathletes, including the Brownlee brothers, and will enjoy unique corporate hospitality opportunities for their clients. Corporates will be able to race in their own teams with two of the world’s best triathletes, with corporate branding on the front of the race uniforms.”

Andy Ruddy, Financial Director at global trust and corporate services provider First Names Group, said: “It is fantastic that the world’s best triathletes are coming to Jersey to compete in an event of this calibre. First Names Group are thrilled to partner with the highest profile event the Island has ever hosted and look forward to giving some of our ‘First Names’ the opportunity to compete in the Super League ‘Corporate Mix’ Cup which will be an incredible experience for all involved.”

Corporate Super League Triathlon partners will have promotional signage throughout the course, making the ‘Corporate Mix’ a prime opportunity to reward employees, excite partners and attract new business opportunities. Spectator travel packages will also soon be announced via Super League Jersey’s travel partner, Nirvana Europe.

Michael added: “Super League is the first entertainment focused sports property in triathlon, reinventing the sport to do exactly that and using best practices from other sport entertainment entities to achieve that goal. This will change triathlon and give it a much wider audience base and provide a platform for athletes to develop themselves as names in sport!”

Two-time Ironman world champion and Super League Triathlon co-founder Chris ‘Macca’ McCormack, said: “Super League Hamilton Island changed triathlon forever. The made-for-television racing is exciting, action packed and full of entertainment. It set the stage for the forthcoming season, which comprises four events, all to be held in iconic destinations around the world between September and April.”

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