Courtney Ogden wins Ironman WA – Western Australia Triathlon 2010 – Results – Photos – Reports

Courtney Ogden wins the 2010 Ironman WA ahead of a class field. Pete Jacobs and Luke Bell were the favourites going in to the race with Matty White also seen as a possible winner. Jacobs was in the hunt until about the 100km mark on the bike. Luke Bell then took off to open up a gap and Pete fell off the pace. Matty White stayed constant but ended up almost 5 ½ minutes behind Courtney’s bike split.

Luke Bell held his lead on the run until just before the 30km mark when nature called. This was Courtney’s chance and he quickly built a solid gap. Jacobs ran himself in to 3rd place overall with Luke Bell trying to get that 3rd spot as well.

Pete Jacobs “Felt good at the start of the bike but missed my special needs. Faded towards the end. The first 18kms of the run felt great”.

Scott Neyedli did not have his bike legs with him today but felt great on the swim. It was a “long day” for Scott.

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1 OGDEN, Courtney 38/Pro 0:49:05 4:28:52 2:52:53 8:14:01
2 WHITE, Matty 33/Pro 0:49:05 4:34:19 2:51:54 8:18:06
3 JACOBS, Pete 29/Pro 0:47:36 4:38:06 2:52:43 8:21:16
4 BELL, Luke 31/Pro 0:47:42 4:28:06 3:02:52 8:21:33
5 VERNAY, Patrick 37/Pro 0:47:49 4:35:26 2:57:11 8:23:22
6 HOTCHKISS, Jonathan 31/Pro 0:53:29 4:27:33 3:06:20 8:31:02
7 NEYEDLI, Scott 32/Pro 0:47:44 4:44:24 2:59:06 8:34:45
8 HUME, Sam 35/3539 0:49:18 4:48:34 2:58:12 8:39:43
9 BILLEAU, Simon 28/Pro 0:51:29 4:32:00 3:14:16 8:40:37
10 DODD, Paul 38/3539 0:49:52 4:49:13 3:02:41 8:45:57





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