The Man Behind the Hair – Gi Singh Shaved and $10000 raised for Cancer

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Finally we now know what Gi Singh looks like sans beard. And what an attractive man he is! What many people will be asking is where is he now going to put those pink beads and ribbons that he usually has in his hair?

Why did he do it? Read below to find out…

The triathlon community got together and shaved Ironman Gi Singh at Busselton on Monay. Gi had decided to shave his virgin beard and beautiful locks to honour Ironman triathlete Dani ‘Fezza’ Taylor, who is battling cancer.

Gi_Singh_IMWA_2010Gi says “Dani’s positive attitude even at the worst possible times is truly inspirational. I remember her put a brave face and cheer us all day long at Ironman Australia. Whatever she’s going through is absolutely unfair. To honour her, I wish to give something I really love, i.e., my unshorn hair.”

Pictured: Gi Singh and Rebekah Keat

As per Dani’s wish, Childhood Cancer Association is the official charity of this fundraiser. If you know someone close who has been affected by cancer, please show your support by making a donation.

Gi suffered in the ironman as his ITB flaired up half way through the run. Walked home in 12:58.

Trishave clip4cure was attended by around 300 spectators, including some well known triathletes like Rebekah Keat. Meg from the local hairdresser shop 54 Queen St, Busselton did the shave. First the beard, then the moustache, and finally the locks. Gi ended up raising around $10,000.  

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Photo by John Marsh of Northside Runners (Above)



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