Lance Armstrong’s Swim Stroke is Analysed by Paul Newsome of Swimsmooth

Thanks to Lisa Bowman of Sydney for bringing Paul’s article and video to Trizone’s attention.

Lance Armstrong’s Stroke

This week on Paul Newsome’s blog he has decided to do something slightly different and look at the stroke of seven-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong. Some of you may already have seen the clip of Lance’s stroke that appeared on YouTube about ten days ago. The video was taken whilst he swam in the ocean in Kona, Hawaii, the venue for the Ironman World Championship.

We know many triathletes are extremely excited at the possibility of Lance racing in Kona this October, so we thought we’d critique the clip, highlight the strengths of how he swims and maybe even provide a few pointers to tweak up his stroke a little.

Paul Newsome runs his analysis here:

Swimsmooth’s Paul Newsome’s Blog

Swimsmooth Website



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