Is the new Nike+ SportWatch GPS Waterproof?

Like most of you we have been waiting, waiting, waiting for a GPS watch that is both a reasonable size and waterproof. Sport watches do a lot of other stuff but can I use it from start to finish in a triathlon?

Nike+ SportWatch GPSWell it looks like we may have the first watch that is practical, functional and waterproof for swimming. The Nike+ SportWatch GPS both looks good and is not too big. We always thought that Garmin would be the one. They came so close with the 610 but once again… not water proof for swimming. The 310 is but it is not the most attractive time piece.

Whilst Nike Australia do not have it on their website yet Nike US do (click here). Once again that amazing mystery of cost in USA, currency calculation, import, distribute and deliver to the Australia retail shelves will mean that we will all be paying possibly $100 more than our triathlon friends in the USA. Still this will be well priced for what we are used to.

Ray from DC Rainmaker in the USA is one of the best reveiwers of sports gadgets around.

He has reviewed the Nike+ SportWatch GPS and it has come out very well.

Click here to read the full review.


The GPS Nike+ SportWatch is now available at:

The Running Company, Potts Point

Shop 16/ 24-30 Springfield Avenue
Potts Point, NSW 2011

p       (02) 93807232
m      0437837271

Karl Hayes

Head of Rest and Recovery

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