Chrissie Wellington & Rasmus Henning to headline Ironman 70.3 Timberman 2011 Pro Start List

Ironman 70.3 Timberman will get underway at 9pm AEST Sunday 21st August.

The lone Australian starter was Stephen Hackett but according to his Twitter he has missed his plane so is out of the race. This leaves 30-34 age grouper James Phillips from Adelaide as the sole Aussie in the race. No pressure James!

Kiwi’s Peter Clode and James Cotter are also racing. Hopefully 2011 gets better for James who has not achieved the goals that he was hoping for this year.

Chrissie Wellington will be almost impossible to beat. A mechanical issue will be the most likely thing to beat her on the day.

Rasmus Henning will also be racing. Henning has had ongoing cramping issues. Hopefully he has found out what is causing this and will race well later today.


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Ferreira, Amber 29/FPRO
Gervais, Annie 36/FPRO
Kozulina, Tamara 35/FPRO
Schmidt-Mongrain, Sharon 36/FPRO
Snow, Caitlin 29/FPRO
Wellington, Chrissie 34/FPRO
Bates, Ryan 31/MPRO
Becker, Blake 30/MPRO
Biboud, Julien 25/MPRO
Bordine, Karl 37/MPRO
Botelho, Raymond 38/MPRO
Caiazzo, Mike 35/MPRO
Clode, Peter 40/MPRO
Cotter, James 29/MPRO
Eickelberg, Tom 22/MPRO
Franks, Logan 24/MPRO
Graves, Philip 22/MPRO
Hackett, Stephen 29/MPRO
Henning, Rasmus 36/MPRO
Kelly, Ryan 30/MPRO
Smith, Jack 25/MPRO
Vuckovic, Stephan 39/MPRO





Karl Hayes

Head of Rest and Recovery

Karl is a keen age group triathlete who races more than he trains. Good life balance! Karl works in the media industry in Australia and is passionate about the sport of triathlon.