Age Groupers have the chance to train and race with Pete Jacobs in 2012

Pete Jacobs - 2nd  at Kona 2011

So you want to improve your triathlon results in 2012? Need some extra motivation? Well here it is.

In 2012 Pete Jacobs will offer age groupers the chance to train and race with him. Pete and his coaching team at have decided to let people utilise the same core training structure that he will use, adjusted to their individual needs. The BPM-Sport coaches along with Pete himself will adjust the programs dependent on each age grouper’s targets so whether you are going to target an 8 hour ironman or simply just try to finish, you will be looked after knowing that you have Pete and the people that advise him supporting you.

Pete Jacobs - 2nd at Kona 2011

Athletes will also receive private online interactions with inside tips and advice from the 5th fastest athlete of all time in Kona and of course the 3rd fastest runner of all time at triathlon’s long course mecca.  Come race weekend “PJ’s team” will be able to sit down and talk with Pete for a pre race briefing as well as a post race debrief to discuss what went right, went wrong and ultimately help them plan for the next race they may have. A race targeted training plan and personal interactions with Pete, all for under $3 a day.

Pete said “I am a self coached athlete but part of that process involves a team of fellow coaches at BPM-Sport whom advise me throughout the year and we share training ideas and concepts to help fine tune my plans. We have done some really successful training camps for age group athletes but we wanted to be able to help more people out and thought this would be a great way to do it. It will allow me to have more personal interactions with all levels of athletes which I enjoy doing.  We thought why not do it for the races I am targeting and we can all share the journey together?”

One of Asia Pacific’s leading female coaches, Nicole Gallagher from commented “Every training camp we’ve done with Pete has been extremely successful and people are always asking for more access to him as he is very particular with technique and structure. So between Pete and his coaching team here we decided this year to try something a bit different and let people get even closer to Pete and have the fun of training and racing with him. We’re going to try and set up private training camps in the lead in to Pete’s races as well so people can learn from us and Pete how he prepares himself for the particular course and have even more one on one time. We want these plans to be a cost effective way for athletes to prepare for their own race alongside one of the world’s best and I’m confident that is what we have created.”

Pete went on to say “Some of my sponsors thought it was a great idea and want to get involved so we’re lining up some very cool prizes, big discounts and I’ve even asked F2P who worked with me to design my customised race kit for Kona if we can look at creating a special kit for everyone so I can spot them on course and we can help cheer each other on.”

The first opportunity is being released now for those racing the 2012 summer events in Australia as Pete announces his 2012 race schedule soon.

To register your interest or find out more email [email protected]


Karl Hayes

Karl is a keen age group triathlete who races more than he trains. Good life balance! Karl works in the media industry in Australia and is passionate about the sport of triathlon.