World 100km Treadmill Record Falls in Sydney for the KIDS Foundation

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A team of some of our best athletes took to the treadmill today in Bondi to attempt to break the world 100km treadmill record. The previous record of 5 hr 42 min 32 sec and was set by Jack Anderson, John Anderson, Brant

KIDS Foundation at Shift60 in Bondi

Armentrout, Nate Ayers, James Banner, Tim Doran, Bill Gibbs, Garick Hill, Alan Marion, Mark Uren, Glenn Wells and Reese Wells (all USA) at the Peaks Fitness health club in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA, on 2 August 2008.

Today in Sydney this record was smashed and set at a new time of 5:24:10. In this team were a mixture of word champions, Australian champions, Bondi Rescue Life Guards and more. Held at the Shift60 gym in Bondi the team of 12 led by current and three time Triathlon World Champion Craig Alexander which includes Australian marathon legend Steve Moneghetti, 2011 50-55 age group Triathlon World Champion John Mergler, current Australian record holder over a mile Lisa Corrigan, elite lifeguards Stephen Madden and Clint Kimmins with Bondi Rescue’s Andrew ‘Reidy’ Reid and Adriel ‘Bacon’ Young, elite triathletes Michael Prince & David Matthews, Trent Woods and Alister Ross.

Major Sponsor of the Shift 60 100km World Record Charity Run, Gloria Jeans Coffees, through their With Heart foundation support charities such as KIDS Foundation as part of the company’s comittment to global and humanitarian projects. Teaming up with Craig Alexander on this project saw Gloria Jeans provide free coffee and drinks for a gold coin donation to raise funds for the KIDS Foundation. For more info about Gloria Jean’s Coffees go to

Crowie trying stepping up to 22km/h

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Karl Hayes

Head of Rest and Recovery

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