Geelong ITU Sprint Triathlon Premium Oceania Cup Preview and Start Lists

The ITU Sprint triathlon being held this weekend at Geelong is looking like a great race. Fresh from his win last weekend in New Zealand over the same distance and up against many of the guns he will be racing again this weekend is Aaron Royle, Royle led the race in Kinloch, NZ from start to finish. His swim was very quick and he

backed himself on the bike even though he was unsure of how his legs would hold up off the bike. He ran in to T2 and immediately knew he would be good. The rest, as they say, is history and Aaron chalked up a solid win.

This weekend will see more Aussie’s racing in an attempt to make a name for themselves with the Olympic selection still not finalised.

England’s Will Clarke, NZ’s James Elvery, France’s Laurent Videl and Slovakia’s Richard Vagra (to name a few) will mean the large Australian contingent will not have it all their own way.

This will also be the first opportunity for us to see Brendan Sexton in a highly competitive environment. Sexton is the name being thrown around as one potential Olympic team member. Chris McCormack was the fourth Australian home last weekend in NZ and 6th overall. He will be looking to swim stronger this weekend in Geelong and make sure he doesn’t miss the first bunch. His run was competitive last weekend but maybe it could have been quicker if he didn’t have to work as hard on the bike to get back in to the race.

Courtney Atkinson has a lot to race for in the first few months of this year. We will see how he goes against a more competitive field after his hit out in Queensland recently.

To be honest there are just too many great Australian triathletes racing in the men’s race too mention all of them. Apologies. But if we are going to touch on a few names they would be Cameron Good,Drew Box, James Seear, Jamie Huggett and more. But then we run the risk of missing out guys like David Mainwaring who is running very quick right now.  Good finished just behind Drew Box, Ryan Fisher and Atkinson recently in a ‘short’ sprint race.

It will also be great to see some of the younger guys and girls getting some race experience. Big Sam Douglas from Sydney has been battling Michael Murphy all summer in NSW. Murphy (who finally got on Twitter last week) is running very quick. After showing a lot of promise 3 years ago Murphy had some major injuries and is now getting back to the form that promised so much back then.

The women’s race will also be a very competitive affair. Great Britain’s Liz Blatchford and New Zealand’s Andrea Hewitt will make sure that the Australian girls are pushed to the limit. Emma Moffatt is our biggest name racing. That is not to take anything away from Erin Densham, Ellie Salthouse, Ashleigh Gentle and the other women who will be wearing the Australian colours. The girls from NSWIS who are coached by Jamie Turner will also make a strong showing. Natalie Van Coevorden, Tamsyn Moana-Veale both took podiums in the Under 23 and 19 categories last weekend in NZ and are learning a lot which is paying dividends. Not racing this weekend is Emma Jackson who has decided to rest and Emma Snowsill is also not racing.

The men’s and women’s start lists are below. These lists are not finalised and do not take in to account any non starters.

Men Country
Aaron Royle AUS
Adam Rudgley AUS
Ben Hammond AUS
Ben Lyons AUS
Brayden Tucker AUS
Brendan Sexton AUS
Bryce McMaster AUS
Cameron Good AUS
Chris McCormack AUS
Chris Rawling AUS
Chris Wigell AUS
Courtney Atkinson AUS
Dane Robinson AUS
Daniel Edey AUS
David Mainwaring AUS
Dom Aungles AUS
Drew Box AUS
Dylan Evans AUS
Jack Hickey AUS
James Chronis AUS
James Davy AUS
James Seear AUS
Jamie Huggett AUS
Jesse Featonby AUS
Joel Tobin White AUS
Kane Simpson AUS
Kenji Nener AUS
Marcel Walkington AUS
Matt Brady AUS
Matt Brown AUS
Michael Gosman AUS
Michael Murphy AUS
Mitchell Kealey AUS
Mitchell Kibby AUS
Nicholas Hull AUS
Nick Kastelein AUS
Nuru Somi AUS
Peter Kerr AUS
Ryan Bailie AUS
Sam Douglas AUS
Shane Farrant AUS
Andreas Giglmayr AUT
Lukas Hollaus AUT
Aleksandr Latin EST
Aurélien Lebrun FRA
Laurent Vidal FRA
William Clarke GBR
Ivan Lo Ching Hin HKG
Ron Darmon ISR
Rodolph Alexandre Von Berg ITA
Guillermo Arriaga MEX
Jan Van Berkel NED
Ben Logan NZL
James Elvery NZL
Martin Van Barneveld NZL
Sam Osborne NZL
Tom Davison NZL
Tony Dodds NZL
Richard Varga SVK


Women Country
Ashlee Bailie AUS
Ashleigh Gentle AUS
Brittany Forster AUS
Charlotte McShane AUS
Chloe Turner AUS
Courtney Gilfillan AUS
Danielle De Francesco AUS
Ellie Salthouse AUS
Emma Moffatt AUS
Erin Densham AUS
Gillian Backhouse AUS
Jaz Hedgeland AUS
Lauren Parker AUS
Matilda Raynolds AUS
Maxine Seear AUS
Natalie Van Coevorden AUS
Tamsyn Moana-Veale AUS
Liz Blatchford GBR
Anne Haug GER
Alessia Orla ITA
Danne Boterenbrood NED
Lisa Mensink NED
Maaike Caelers NED
Rachel Klamer NED
Sarissa De Vries NED
Andrea Hewitt NZL
Mikayla Nielsen NZL
Rebecca Kingsford NZL
Teresa Adam NZL
Anel Stewart RSA
Rebecca Witinok- Huber USA


Karl Hayes

Head of Rest and Recovery

Karl is a keen age group triathlete who races more than he trains. Good life balance! Karl works in the media industry in Australia and is passionate about the sport of triathlon.