NSW State Sprint Triathlon Championship Titles Awarded at TriShave Sydney Sprint Series

Last weekend at Kurnell we saw the NSW triathlon age group sprint titles taken out by many of our state’s top triathletes. The two overall race winners are both current world sprint age group champions. Mick Maroney and Laura Siddall took out the overall race victory and their respective age group state titles.

Mick Maroney on his way to yet another title

I know we all talk about Mick and what an amazing athlete he is but how can you not. A great inspiration and it is great to see the Coach at most of the triathlon events around NSW.

Laura Siddall surprised a few pro female triathletes the other week at Husky after entering the open women’s division in the long course at the last minute and coming second after leading the race until about 5km in to the run. Siddall is not a pro and does not train for long course. Of course she does have Spot Anderson as her coach which gives her an unfair advantage.

We (Trizone) don’t know too much about each age group winner but having a quick scan through the results we can see some familiar names from our own club Balmoral and there are four state title holders. How good are Merri Mack and Frank Pearce!

How many winners are there from other clubs? Let us know via the comments box below.

Nice win by Belinda Soszyn. Check out the run time. I can see Jo Cowan looking through these results and getting fired up for next season.

Grace Musgrove took out the 18-24 age group title. How can someone so tiny swim that fast? Well done Grace.

Kevin Goodwin in 50-54 put in a great time of 1:04:33. Very fast and just edging out John Hill. It was all in the swim with John Hill coming home very fast on the bike and run.

25-29 winner Daniel Nielson completed only his second triathlon and put in a blistering time. Still a bit of bike work to do but a 9:19 swim was very fast and he ran 17:53. (Thanks for the heads up Peter Clifford)

Look forward to seeing most of you down in Wollongong this weekend for the State Olympic Distance Championship.

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Triathlon NSW State Sprint Champions 2012

Name Cat Time Swim Cycle Run
Morgan NICHOLLS F14-17 1:18:04 0:11:31 0:41:34 0:24:59
Grace MUSGROVE F18-24 1:06:23 0:10:20 0:38:07 0:17:55
Hannah DONALDSON F25-29 1:08:22 0:11:31 0:36:10 0:20:41
Laura SIDDALL F30-34 1:04:15 0:11:27 0:33:01 0:19:46
Jocie EVISON F35-39 1:11:27 0:12:13 0:37:05 0:22:08
Catherine BALLANTYNE F40-44 1:09:43 0:12:56 0:35:23 0:21:23
Sally TAGGART F45-49 1:10:59 0:13:10 0:37:27 0:20:21
Eleanor DALLY F50-54 1:20:37 0:15:56 0:39:59 0:24:41
Belinda SOSZYN F55-59 1:16:22 0:12:38 0:42:05 0:21:38
Jan PENDER F60-64 1:39:18 0:22:26 0:49:01 0:27:51
Merri MACK F65-69 1:30:47 0:19:13 0:43:30 0:28:03
Damon ASTLEY M14-17 1:05:48 0:11:54 0:35:01 0:18:52
Justin BREWER M18-24 1:03:37 0:10:03 0:34:21 0:19:12
Daniel NEILSON M25-29 1:00:30 0:09:19 0:33:17 0:17:53
Travis SHIELDS M30-34 1:01:10 0:10:53 0:31:48 0:18:27
Campbell HANSON M35-39 1:00:23 0:10:38 0:31:47 0:17:57
Sandy PARK M40-44 1:06:11 0:10:38 0:34:54 0:20:39
Mick MARONEY M45-49 0:59:37 0:10:05 0:30:58 0:18:34
Kevin GOODWIN M50-54 1:04:33 0:10:30 0:34:11 0:19:52
Robert PICKEN M55-59 1:07:16 0:12:33 0:35:02 0:19:40
Bryan ELLIS M60-64 1:16:44 0:15:40 0:38:25 0:22:38
James BOX M65-69 1:15:41 0:13:06 0:40:59 0:21:36
Frank PEARCE M70+ 1:33:23 0:15:20 0:48:15 0:29:48




Karl Hayes

Head of Rest and Recovery

Karl is a keen age group triathlete who races more than he trains. Good life balance! Karl works in the media industry in Australia and is passionate about the sport of triathlon.

  • Roman

    Justin Brewer is a relative newcomer and doesnt have a coach or club. He has a blog following his training towards busso 2012: http://justinbrewer.tumblr.com/

  • Peter Clifford

    Keep an eye out for male 25-29 winner, Daniel Nielson. That was his second triathlon and is just starting to learn the ropes.