Top Pro Swim Times from Ironman Cairns

 Luke Bell and David Dellow posted the fastest swim time at Ironman Cairns. It was unusual not to see Bryan Rhodes there with them and it when he came trhough T1 in 3rd place it became obvious as he was firing up about an issue in the swim. From reports there was a bit of creep at the start and Rhodes was staying back behind the start line.

 Rebekah Keat was the lead woman out of the water with New Zealand’s Belinda Harper 37secs back. for full details

Name Country Swim
BELL, Luke Australia 0:47:52
DELLOW, David Australia 0:47:56
RHODES, Bryan Australia 0:49:01
MCCORMACK, Christopher Australia 0:50:05
JOHNSEN, Jimmy Australia 0:50:37
FARLOW, Aaron Australia 0:50:42
GRIFFIN, Leon Australia 0:50:43
WHITE, Matty Australia 0:50:44
BROWN, Cameron New Zealand 0:50:46
KEAT, Rebekah Australia 0:52:23
HARPER, Belinda New Zealand 0:53:00
SHORTIS, Jason Australia 0:54:10
COCHRANE, Simon New Zealand 0:54:26
ANDERSON, Mitchell Australia 0:54:45
VABROUSEK, Petr Czech Republic 0:54:52
MITCHELL, Michelle Australia 0:54:54
GRANGER, Justin Australia 0:54:55
LESTER, Carrie Australia 0:56:31
GRANGER, Belinda Australia 0:56:51
GEE, Michael Australia 0:59:17
CRENNAN, Finnbar Australia 0:59:27
HAMMOND, Candice New Zealand 1:00:53
HOSCHKE, Rebecca Australia 1:02:05
SAKAI, Emi Japan 1:06:43
MCKENZIE, Amanda Australia 1:07:03
CASTLE, Ange Australia 1:13:46


Karl Hayes

Head of Rest and Recovery

Karl is a keen age group triathlete who races more than he trains. Good life balance! Karl works in the media industry in Australia and is passionate about the sport of triathlon.