Ironman New York will follow Melbourne’s lead with one of the best fields outside of Kona

New York is set to put on an Ironman show this weekend and there are plenty of Australians and Kiwis racing there. Below is the final start list with the exception of any athletes that have pulled out but haven’t informed WTC. Jordan Rapp is likely to be one of the main favourites along with a number of the top ten guys. At this stage of the season and with Kona being the main focus of most of the favourites it would be impossible to try to pick somone for IM NYC.

It is one of those fields that is going to be really hard to pick. Australia’s Paul Ambrose won Ironman Australia earlier this year ahead of Tim Berkel with a swim bike combo that gave him a huge buffer over Berkel going in to the run. Ambrose has been racing very strongly in the 70.3 series in the US. With two seconds at Syracuse and Kansas 70.3s in June Ambrose showed that he has kept his from from earlier this year. He will be one of the favourites.

Luke Bell last raced an Ironman in Cairns and after a good swim / bike ended up going for an afternoon stroll with Mitch Anderson for a casual 3:44 marathon. For the record Mitch ran 3:34 but they did most of the run together and finished together. Bell had a good race in Melbourne earlier this year. He finished 7th in 8:10:38 with a 2:52 marathon.

The big sexy Chris McDonald is also racing and as always will be a strong contender.

Bryan Rhodses is down to race but he will instead be behind the microphone this weekend along with Australian Ironwoman legend Michellie Jones and Matt Lieto. Greg Welch who would normally commentate at an event like this is still in London taking Eddie through the finer details of the sport of triathlon. He could be a while.

Jason Shortis will be racing Ironman number 398. Shortis was 3rd this year at Ironman Australia and has also raced in Melbourne and Ironman Cairns. In Melbourne he had a slower than normal marathon. We are used to Shortis running around the sub 2:55 mark with a 2:52 at Ironman Australia. Melbourne was a 3:22. The Cairns run was 3:06.

In the women’s race Australia’s Rebekah Keat will be out to make amends after a possible win was snatched from her in June this year at Ironman Cairns. The defending champ was leading the race and on paper had the run to take it out when her calf blew up 4kms in to the run. Keat has been building her run back up to where it was. She had a solid 5th at the Muncie 70.3 and a 6th at Vineman.

Kate Bevilaqua is also racing and has two 70.3 seconds this year at WA and New Zealand. Bevilaqua won Ironman WA in 2010 and has the fire power to go well.

Current Ironman Australia champ and runner up to Keat at last year’s Challenge Cairns, Michelle Mitchell is also racing at New York. Look out for one of the biggest smiles in triathlon to put in a solid race with her trademark strong run.

Christie Sym is also racing and after getting to the bottom of some health issues that plagued her season last year we should see a solid race this weekend.

New Zealand’s Michelle Bremer won Ironman Western Australia last year in her first crack at that distance. Since then she has been building her race experience over the distance.

The favourites for the women’s race are many. In addition to Keat, Bevilaqua and Mitchelle we should see the following women at the front: Mary Beth Ellis, Amy Marsh, Dede Griesbauer, Heleen bij de Vaate, Heather Gollnick and Lucie Zelenkova all will have the opportunity this weekend to take out the race.


BIB Athlete Gen Age Country
1 Jordan Rapp M 32 USA
2 Michael Lovato M 38 USA
3 Maik Twelsiek M 31 DEU
5 Paul Ambrose M 28 AUS
6 Jozsef Major M 33 HUN
7 Chris McDonald M 34 AUS
8 Bryan Rhodes M 39 NZL
9 TJ Tollakson M 31 USA
10 Pedro Gomes M 27 PRT
11 Jason Shortis M 42 AUS
12 Luke Bell M 33 AUS
13 Maxim Kriat M 27 UKR
14 Bert Jammaer M 32 BEL
15 Trevor Wurtele M 33 CAN
16 Philip Graves M 23 GBR
19 Kevin Taddonio M 30 USA
20 Marcel Bischof M 27 DEU
21 Michael Wetzel M 28 DEU
22 Mike Schifferle M 39 CHE
23 Daniel Müller M 35 DEU
24 Timothy Marr M 33 USA
25 Lewis Elliot M 32 USA
27 Rich Allen M 38 GBR
28 Hiroyuki Nishiuchi M 36 JPN
30 Raymond Botelho M 39 USA
32 Peter Kotland M 40 USA
33 Matjaz Kovac M 39 SVN
34 Brendan Halpin M 28 USA
35 Sergio Quezada M 44 MEX
36 Jose Jeuland M 30 FRA
37 Douglas MacLean M 32 USA
38 Juha Laitinen M 30 FIN
39 Brandon Jessop M 33 USA
40 Alejandro Santamaria M 35 ESP
41 Ivan Rana M 33 ESP
42 Markus Thomschke M 28 DEU
43 Mathias Hecht M 32 CHE
44 Christian Brader M 32 DEU
BIB Athlete Gen Age Country
50 Mary Beth Ellis F 35 USA
52 Amy Marsh F 34 USA
53 Dede Griesbauer F 41 USA
54 Heleen bij de Vaate F 38 NLD
55 Heather Gollnick F 42 USA
56 Michelle Mitchell F 28 AUS
57 Lucie Zelenkova F 38 CZE
58 Tamara Kozulina F 36 UKR
59 Christie Sym F 28 AUS
60 Sara Gross F 36 CAN
61 Jessie Donavan F 36 USA
62 Fernanda Keller F 48 BRA
63 Meghan Newcomer F 31 USA
64 Michelle Bremer F 29 NZL
65 Maki Nishiuchi F 37 JPN
66 Nina Pekerman F 34 ISR
67 Kristin Andrews F 31 USA
68 Jacqui Gordon F 39 USA
69 Laurel Wassner F 36 USA
70 Kate Bevilaqua F 35 AUS
71 Haley Cooper-Scott F 31 USA
72 Mareen Hufe F 34 DEU
73 Anne Basso F 28 FRA
74 Rebekah Keat F 34 AUS
75 Hillary Biscay F 34 USA




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